Are you a “Simplifier” looking for experiences and not the burden of owning and worrying about the assets?

Obviously, in our current economy, many consumers are looking to cut costs and find less-expensive ways of enjoying time with family and friends. But as Harvard Professor John Quelch writes in The Next Marketing Challenge: Selling to ‘Simplifiers’ (, this move away from luxury purchases and showy possessions started even earlier, and is highlighting the emergence of a new consumer – the “simplifier”.

Simplifiers aren’t penny-pinchers nor are they purely shrewd. Instead, they prioritize experiences over material possessions. They would rather meet their distributed family for an expensive and adventurous vacation than own and take care of a vacation home that rarely gets enjoyed.

SailTime’s fractional sailing program provides a perfect alternative for these simplifiers. As a member of SailTime, they get the enjoyment and experiences of spending time on the water with family and friends, but they are not saddled down with an expensive boat, regular maintenance, or an inflexible sailing location. With SailTime, they focus on sailing, and they can use a boat either in their home location or at any of the 50 bases around the globe.
Thank you for your interest in SailTime and we look forward to serving your needs and getting you on the water with your friends and family as soon as possible! Get more info now to learn about joining SailTime in your local area. You are on the right track to an Easy, Affordable and Smart way of getting on the water!

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