Big Owner Event at St Augustine

Mark your calendar for September 10th. From 10am to 4pm that day, SailTime Northeast Florida, the St Augustine Catamaran Center and Southeast Sailing and Yachts will host an exciting “SailTime Owner Event” at St Augustine Sailing Center in Camachee Yacht Harbor.

This will be your first opportunity to view the new Gemini 105MC catamaran which will be joining the SailTime fleet here. There will also be a showing of Hunter monohulls. The St Augustine base plans to add a Hunter 39 and a Gemini Cat to the growing fleet.

Many sailors are scouring the used boat listings looking for a “great deal” on a boat during these tough economic times when people on the margins let things go. At first blush this would seem to be an excellent idea. However, it’s important to understand that ownership of a boat only begins at the time of purchase. At that point, you become responsible for insuring the boat, storing and most importantly, maintenance… which can really add up with a used craft. Instead, many sailors could have a brand new sailing yacht for about the same capital cost by purchasing it the intelligent way, into the SailTime program.

This event will be a great opportunity to learn all about the SailTime Owner Member program. There has never been a better time to do so during “Dreamboat” promotion during this 10th year anniversary celebration!

Thank you for your interest in SailTime and we look forward to serving your needs and getting you on the water with your friends and family as soon as possible! Get more info now to learn about joining SailTime in your local area. You are on the right track to an Easy, Affordable and Smart way of getting on the water!
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