Sailing to Catalina Island with SailTime Owners and Latitudes and Atitudes

From the 9th to the 12th of October, Erin and George joined Chris and Angele Jester on an annual Catalina rendevous sail. About 4-5 SailTime boats took part in a sail to Catalina Island to enjoy the natural beauty of the island, the waters and an annual Lats and Atts gathering, bbq and party.

Here is Chris and Angele on top of a lookout point on Catalina.

The sail out to Catalina was chilly, and we made it out there in about 5-6 hours with steady winds. We sailed a Hunter 38, which had the accomodations to make it a very swift and comfortable crossing.  Here is George at the helm protected by the dodger.

On the way we encountered a pod of dolphin that were jumping at the bow and swimming along with us for at least 15 minutes.  This was an amazing experience as they are truly beautiful and graceful animals.


The weekend was spent enjoying dinner with several of Chris and Angele’s owners as well as owners from Chris Tucker’s Channel Islands base.  We had a great meal with lots of stories and laughter.  The dinner was complete with Water Buffalo hats and all…

We enjoyed good music and giant bbq with the Lats and Atts crowd on Saturday evening and then played some cards as the temperature dropped.

After good fun all weekend we woke up and had a nice breakfast at Two Harbors and then headed out for the sail back to the mainland.

On the way back we had the perfect sailing conditions to fly our SailTime gennaker all the way on a lovely flat broad reach!

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