San Diego Base Is Now An ASA Sailing School

SailTime San Diego is proud to announce its affiliation with ASA Sailing – approved as an ASA Sailing School. American Sailing Association is the leading authority on sailing instruction in the USA. Sunny San Diego, is the ideal place to learn to sail and the base is blessed with great sailing conditions all year long! With an average high of 68F and an average low of 50F, San Diego enjoys mild, mostly dry weather with an average of 200 days above 70F. Temperatures vary little throughout the year making it a premier year-round sailing destination.

The School kicked off operations this past week with a sail and cruise class which consisted of ASA101, 103 and 104 that included a visit to the Coronado Islands. Here we see students getting some navigation instruction out at the islands.

Thank you for your interest in SailTime and we look forward to serving your needs and getting you on the water with your friends and family as soon as possible! Get more info now to learn about joining SailTime in your local area. You are on the right track to an Easy, Affordable and Smart way of getting on the water!
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