SailTime Annapolis allows members to cruising the waters of the Chesapeake Bay

Boat Clubs Get You On The Water Faster

Ready to go Sailing this season? 

It is estimated that a whopping 100 million Americans go boating every year according to the National Marine Manufacturing Association (NMMA). That’s about 30% of all Americans. In 2020, everyone was looking for safe, outdoor recreational activities, which led to a major spike in boat sales. The avid concertgoer, or international traveler was now seeking freedom on the water. A big part of the surge was from first-time boat buyers of new and pre-owned boats. And with the surge came the supply chain issues. Today, most manufacturers are still dealing with supply chain issues that started in 2020. So, with little inventory on the market, how do you get on the water?

“100 million American go boating every year” – NMMA

Boaters and sailors alike are eager to get on the water in a convenient and affordable way which is why boat-sharing businesses are so popular. When it comes to purchasing your own boat, there are many things that add up including insurance, slip fees, fuel, maintenance and repairs to just name a few. All of this adds up to excess time and money being spent. And did we mention the cost of the boat itself? Some of us do not have the disposable income to purchase a boat but would love the opportunity if it was affordable. With a boat club, you can go sailing multiple times per month with little to no prep. Just schedule your day, untie, and go! Obviously, you should pack a cooler with snacks and drinks as well!

SailTime offers both ownership and membership options based on how often you wish to cruise. As an owner, you are guaranteed usage on a monthly basis plus you earn revenue while you go! For members, you can choose between three membership levels depending on if you want to sail anywhere from three to 14 times per month. The convenience and hassle free nature of boat clubs is the easiest way to get on the water now.


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