SailTime Boston


Don’t have the skills or confidence to skipper a cruising sailboat yet? SailTime’s Novice to Captain program can have you sailing quickly with our ASA sailing classes and certifications. We also offer private instruction and “first mate” training so your spouse, children, or sailing partner can be able hands aboard. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or scheduling flexibility when learning to sail.

SailTime Boston’s training partner Black Rock Sailing School, has the newest, cleanest, and safest boats of any sailing school in the harbor. Black Rock Sailing School has been recognized as ASA Outstnding School of the Year for seven straight years 2008-2015!

Black Rock Sailing School classes are the most in-depth offered in the Boston area. No short-cuts or quickie classes here. They have small class sizes with a maximum of 3 students for most courses. They are dedicated to your individual progress. And they can schedule classes to meet your busy lifestyle. Let sailing be your escape! Classes focus on more than just sailing maneuvers. We provide you with all of the skills you will need to sail safely, explore new destination, and enjoy your time at sea.

Contact Black Rock Sailing School at 617-639-3061 or

At SailTime Boston, we believe that learning to sail is more than just a weekend class. Consistent practical experience gives you, the sailor, the confidence to safely sail your boat and lead a crew so that every outing on the water is a fun and enjoyable experience.  We care about your development and experience!

First Mate Training SailTime offers training for your “first mate”. While this training does not follow certification standards, it is a great way to get your spouse, child, or sailing partner the skills they need to assist you while aboard. Training includes basic sailing terminology, typical maneuvers, sailing a course, and assistance in docking and anchoring. This course will give you both the confidence to sail away from shore. First mate training is provided as private or small-class instruction, and you are encouraged to attend with your mate. This training can be included as part of your new member training.

Novice to Captain Training Program The Novice to Captain training program is a unique process combining ASA sailing instruction and certification with practical on-the-water exercises and experience. You will not find such a program at any other sailing schools or clubs. Novice to Captain is available only to SailTime members.

Member Initiation and Training SailTime members receive additional, included training as part of membership. This training includes:

  • Boat orientation: 2 hour orientation to the member’s boat, including use of all systems, electronics, and location of gear
  • Review of scheduler and embark systems
  • Up to 4 hours of free private instruction (First Mate training, or other training at your direction)
  • ASA 101 or 103 certification exam (if member does not already have ASA or US Sailing certification)
  • Check-out sail: 4 hours of on-the-water sailing to both demonstrate use of the SailTime boat and verify skills and knowledge required for membership.