SailTime Boston


As a SailTime member, you join one specific boat in the fleet; that is YOUR boat and the boat you sail all season. You are one of only 8 members that use that boat. With limited memberships, we can then guarantee you sailing time every month. It seems only fair that if you are paying to get time sailing you should know how much you are going to get, right? We think so too.

Membership pricing is based on the boat you join. For a complete list of boats in our fleet and seasonal Standard membership pricing, visit our Boston Fleet Page. New members also pay a one-time initiation/training fee that covers new member training and orientation. Otherwise, there are no per-use fees and no monthly fees. Plus, insurance is included. We keep it simple.

Guaranteed Sailing

Each Standard member enjoys a guaranteed minimum of 7 sail times every month; try getting that from a sailing club! Plus, you also get an unlimited amount of as-available sail times. For a complete description of the guaranteed sail times, the 36-hour rule, and the variety of ways you can use your sail times for daysailing and cruising, contact us. There are simply so many options; it’s easier to explain that way.

If you don’t quite need 7 sail times per month, our Lite Membership offers 3 monthly sail times. There are a few more restrictions on Lite usage, and we only offer a handful of Lite Memberships each season, so contact us soon if that is your interest. For sailors that want even more time at the helm, our Platinum Membership offers 14 sail times each month.

All scheduling is done using our real-time, online Scheduler. You are in control of when you sail. You can reserve sail times far in advance or last minute. The Scheduler rules make sure that sail times are distributed fairly and equitably.

Seasonal Memberships

Our sailing season runs from early May through October 31. You enjoy six months of sailing for one low price. June, July, and August provide warm weather and sunlight late into the evening for great day sailing and cruising. But don’t discount the reliable and consistent winds that dominate September and October, which also provide warm waters heated all summer.

Membership Pricing

For our complete fleet and Standard seasonal membership pricing, please see the Boston Fleet Page.