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Broaden Your Horizons With SailTime’s Vast Network of Sailing Schools


Broaden Your Horizons with SailTime’s Vast Network of Sailing Schools 

World’s Leading Boat Membership Franchise Offers Largest System of Professional Sailing Schools in the United States

 SailTime Group is encouraging sea lovers to sign up for sailing classes as we head into the 2022 sailing season. SailTime operates the nation’s largest network of American Sailing Association (ASA) schools, offering certification courses at more than 25 locations. 

“Aside from the exhilarating aspect of sailing out to sea with your loved ones, safety and proper training are of the utmost importance,” said Todd Hess, SailTime Group’s CEO. “Sailing on open waters can be dangerous. Learning the key aspects from vetted professionals keeps you and your passengers out of harm’s way.”

While statistics for 2021 have yet to be released, according to the U.S. Coast Guard’s 2020 Recreational Boating Statistics Report there were 767 boating deaths in 2020, an increase of more than 25 percent from 2019. The U.S. Coast Guard reports 77 percent of boating fatalities occurred on vessels where the operator had not received training. 

Peace of mind is not the only benefit to be gained from boater safety courses. Aside from acquiring the appropriate training and lifesaving skills on the water, insurance companies also take this information into consideration. Depending on the state, insurance for renters and boat-owners is almost always mandatory. Statistically, those who complete training are less likely to get into accidents. By providing this documentation for insurance purposes, it reduces the risk and liability when on the water for both parties.  

“Some Owners are rejected for coverage outright due to inexperience or can only get coverage with a Captain warranty — that is, they must have a licensed Captain aboard whenever they want to use the boat,” said Randy Carnahan, Hilb Group Insurance. By completing the approved safety courses, you can avoid this issue altogether while maintaining a safe environment for everyone aboard the vessel. 

All United States-based SailTime instructors are certified ASA instructors and licensed U.S. Coast Guard captains. The sailing programs offer students top-notch training to develop skills and confidence on the water. These courses provide vital information for a number of topics like the gear needed on the trip, the amount of food required, and how to properly use the equipment on board to ensure your safety.

Depending on the base, sailing programs range from ASA-101 Basic Keelboat, ASA-103 Coastal Cruising, ASA-104 Bareboat Cruising, ASA-105 Coastal Navigation, ASA-106 Advanced Cruising, ASA-114 Cruising Catamaran, and ASA-118 Docking Endorsement Class. For each SailTime location, the sailing season, courses, prices, and times may vary. To see which class works best for you, click here

“The overall convenience of enrolling online makes booking your sailing lesson a breeze,” said Hess. “SailTime offers a quick and efficient way to select the course, date, and time you wish to sail in a matter of minutes. We aspire to make it effortless for future sailors to get out on the water at their own pace.”

Currently, there are 13 locations with access to online enrollment — the other bases can be found here

Earning your ASA certification is another reason to enroll in SailTime’s vast network of sailing programs. This certification gives you access to charter your own boat or go on an exotic sailing vacation in the Caribbean with your family or friends. 

“With the certifications needed to sail around the world, our network of American Sailing Association schools can equip you with the skillset and documentation needed to fulfill your sailing desires,” said Hess. “Through SailTime’s sailing schools, you are provided the highest quality learning environment with the best instructors in the country. Our programs prepare each student with the ability to sail safely on their own anywhere in the world.” 

The typical sailing season for most SailTime bases kicks off in May and runs through October. However, sailing seasons for some bases may vary. For more information about the sailing programs SailTime has to offer visit,