Start Your Own SailTime Business – FAQ

We charge a standard franchise fee for all the systems and work we have done for you. The franchise acquisition fee is $25,000 for a sail only base. This fee includes many of the marketing materials you’ll need to launch your business and provides ongoing support from SailTime Group Staff including visits to your location.

Franchising of the business model, name, branding, logo, website, marketing materials, leverage of relationships with boat manufacturers and cost savings, access to technology (E-ttendant, scheduling engine, etc.) that we have created, web development for local area, business model knowledge, all financial models that create a feasible model for Members and Owner-Members, working systems and processes refined by our Members over the past several years, business rules and logic that have been refined over the past several years. Continued consulting to help you grow your business, brand equity, goodwill, relationship leverage with industry giants are just a few things you get when you join our winning team.

Once you are accepted as a candidate, we provide you with specific pro forma spreadsheets that allow for localization to build the pro forma financials that illustrate profit potential.

You may adjust the fees, but of course, that is your business decision. We help you calculate pricing based on research in each base’s marketplace and give you our recommendations as to the price point we think your market will accept.

We will maintain and provide all the web services. We will provide all the technology, and you will be able to customize your local area web information for marketing and informational purposes.

We accept applicants with extensive business, sales, and marketing background along with an expressed level of passion and commitment to developing a successful and thriving business. Several years of sailing experience are also helpful.

Once we have met and feel that your application and business plan and vision is strong, we will accept a deposit and letter of intent to put a hold on the geographic area of your choice.

You do. You will simply purchase a franchise from us to use our franchise systems. We provide ongoing consulting, but the business is yours to run. The operational guidelines are spelled out clearly in the franchise systems.

No, we only accept candidates that can dedicate their time, energy and resources to effectively building a serious and successful business.

You can! Keep in mind that the opportunity cost of doing so will be significant as we have paved the way with our relationships with manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, etc. and provide all of this to you as a part of the process. We have invested heavily in technology development and have incorporated years of knowledge gained from operations into our processes and infrastructure. You might be able to develop this business on your own, but you will need to invest years of your own time and hundreds of thousands of your own dollars making the mistakes and learning and growing all the facets of the business. With SailTime you can focus on growing your business locally and keep in mind that while small it will be difficult to leverage the volume power that SailTime can provide with its network of 50+ bases.

Of course. Please fill out the information request form, and we will contact you to set up an initial discussion. We have formulated a particular process called 0-360 that assists all candidates in understanding the steps required to start a SailTime base. SailTime spent 7 years developing the business model and continuously testing it to ensure it would work. You should do as much due diligence as you are comfortable with before you ready to begin. However, keep in mind that we are actively selling franchises to those who do their due diligence promptly.

We have developed an entire business system set up sequence to allow you to start your business in a professional manner. This process is called 0-360. All candidates are encouraged to take whatever time is required to make themselves feel comfortable that this is the right opportunity. We do not hurry the process along, but we do make candidates aware when we have several competing candidates for a location and coordinate biz plan reviews to facilitate the decision-making process. Talk to us, and we’ll get you on the right path. We’ll help you with financing arrangements, insurance on the boat, purchasing the boat and beginning your marketing plan. After you’ve filled out the information request form, we will contact you to set up a time to talk.

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