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Making sailing easy, fun and affordable at two Detroit locations


Hi, and Welcome to SailTime Detroit and Seahawk Sailing School. I’m Jim Kaza and I’d like to invite you to make your sailing dreams come true.

NEWS ALERT:  SailTime is pleased to now offer Beneteau sailboats in our national fleet.  Beneteau is known worldwide for its sleek design, quality construction, and innovation.

With this new partnership, SailTime locations across the country are eager to add new Beneteau yachts to their fleets.  You can take advantage by becoming an ownermember!  Own the boat that you want, and have all the headaches and extra expenses taken care of.  Whatever the model, your local SailTime base is looking for beautiful new boats to offer their members.



My passion is sailing. To me, nothing is better than a boat full of friends gliding across the lake in the warmth of a summer breeze. I started sailing on a Sunfish about 20 years ago, then moved to a Chrysler 26, then a Hunter 280, and now a Hunter 33. And a few summers ago I got to spend a week guest crewing on the tallship Pride of Baltimore II, a 108′ topsail schooner.

On its own, sailing is great, but for me the best thing about sailing is having other people enjoy it with you. And now with SailTime, it’s affordable and hassle free.

Fox 2 News in Detroit recently featured SailTime Detroit on one of its Zip Trip segments. You can see it on YouTube at

If you’d like to spend time out on the lake with your family or friends, but you don’t want the expense or work, or you don’t have the time to take care of a boat, give me a call. You’ll enjoy a new Hunter sailboat, with all of the goodies, just as if you own it, but without any of the upkeep.

On Lake St. Clair, SailTime Detroit is operating out of Shore Club Apartments and Marina in St. Clair Shores ( You probably know it at the site of the Nine Mile Tower. Now, in addition to great sailing, our members have access to a convenient bathhouse, exercise facility and sauna, and heated outdoor pool. What a life.Whether you would like to go out for an afternoon sail, head over to Harsens Island for a weekend, or party at one of the many lakeside venues, Lake St. Clair has it all. That’s why they call it the “Heart of the Great Lakes”. With the Detroit River to the South, you can sail past the Detroit and Windsor skylines and head down towards Lake Erie. Or you can head North up the St. Clair River and out onto Lake Huron.

Take your clients out for a special evening with dinner at the new Brownie’s, Rojo Mexican Bistro, the Beach Grill or any of the other many restaurants on the water or the Nautical Mile in St. Clair Shores. Or take your clients or your family out on the lake to watch the fireworks in July. On some nights you can see the fireworks from three or four cities all at the same time.

Why spend three hours driving to get “up North” for the weekend,  when you can drive 10 or 20 minutes and spend a night or two on the boat.

Sign-up now – get 2006 pricing  – that’s right; 2006 pricing – get access to the boat’s calendar – start planning your sailing now.  With SailTime Detroit you have all of the choices without any of the headaches.

Sailing is fun and SailTime makes it easy, fun and affordable. You can sail a new Hunter 33 for about what people pay for a summer slip, insurance, maintenance and winter storage. With SailTime, you’re guaranteed a minimum of 7 sailing slots a month for $425/month. That’s less than what you’d pay to rent a boat for a day.  Why pay to rent an old, beat-up boat when you can be sailing a quality, fully equipped 33 footer.

Or, if you’ve been thinking about buying a new sailboat, LET SailTime HELP PAY FOR IT. With our Owner-Member program, you make a 20% down payment on a new Hunter sailboat from Port Sanilac Marina and we’ll pick up all of the other costs for the next 5 years – the summer slip, the winter prep and storage, the monthly loan payments, the maintenance, and the insurance. You just enjoy your boat. Imagine, you’re sailing a brand new Hunter sailboat, and SailTime Detroit is paying for it.

Most people who can afford a boat don’t have the time to take care of it. With SailTime, you don’t have to worry about that. You come down to the marina, you take the boat out for a sail, you come back to the marina, you pack up and go home. You enjoy the sailing, we take care of the clean-up and maintenance.

Don’t know how to sail? We have a ASA-certified instructors from our SeaHawk Sailing School to teach you. SailTime’s Novice to Captain program can get you sailing quickly and easily. We’ll provide you with a complete or custom training program that includes small classes, private lessons, and online tutorials. Plus, you’ll get to practice your skills on a beautiful new cruising boat. You can even use our program to qualify to sail a charter boat in the Caribbean, Med, anywhere!

At SailTime Detroit we’ll not only teach you how to sail, we’ll show you how to enjoy it. And if you want, we can handle the sailing for you with our new SailTime Detroit Corporate Charter Program. Why do the same golf and sports outings that your competition is doing? Why not give your customers and clients something different – something they’ll remember. Imagine, inviting your client to go sailing on YOUR boat. You go out for a short sail – stop by a local, water-side restaurant for lunch or dinner, spend the afternoon or evening relaxing on the lake, and watching the sunset as you head back into the marina. With the right customers, isn’t that better than just another round of golf? With the SailTime Corporate Charter Program, you entertain your clients, and we handle the sailing at no extra charge.

Current Fleet Status: Sailing out of Shore Club Marina on Lake St. Clair – 2006 Hunter 33, $425/month (2 slot available);  2005 Hunter 33, $425/month (2 slots available)

The choice is yours – do you want to be on a boat this summer – or on a waiting list?  Don’t be left at the dock. Give me a call at 586-838-8714 and let’s talk about how you can get out on the water.

SailTime Detroit – Your Boat is Waiting for You!!!