Is SailTime a Sailing Club?

Now I know how it feels to be searching for a sailing opportunity…frustrating. Before writing this post I went out around the USA on the web, looking at what traditional sailing clubs offer and what they cost. The results were all over the chart. Literally.

Here is what I know: SailTime is a lot like a sailing club. But its geared for todays’ sailor versus a sailor back in the 1970’s. Thats a pretty broad statement. But todays’ sailor is looking for a quality experience and service, usually for their entire family to enjoy together as a lifestlye. You want to sail on a newer boat for starters, not some relic of the past. You would like to sail on a boat that is clean, smells good below and is in good working order. That’s not too much to ask, is it? You would think so by perusing the “legendary” sailing clubs fleet selection pages… It appears the average age of their sailboats is around 15 years. I’m being kind. SailTime boats are five years old or newer.


Photo by SailTime Member: Mike Ruel

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing old salty sailing clubs. By all indication they are alive and well and providing sailing opportunities for people. I’m just saying, in 2009, some people are looking for more than the same old, same old. In fact, in doing my research I think many of the old sailing clubs actually make most of their money on you deciding to not go sailing… one club in Southern California boasted over 1000 members… but they only had a fleet of 20 boats. All the members paid $50 a month to be in the club. You do the math!

Maybe I’m crazy but I think Members at the SailTime sailing club like to go sailing… so much so that we offer our new Hunter yachts at a flat monthly cost. Compare that to your favorite club! As soon as you decide to sail more than a couple times a year, SailTime becomes the deal. Because at traditional sailing clubs you usually pay an hourly or daily charter fee. I could go on and on but suffice to say, when you go about comparing sailing clubs this season, don’t let the term fractional sailing throw you off. We are the “Un-Club”!

See you on the water soon.

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