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SailTime Sailboat Owners Enjoy These Benefits


How it Works

If you’re like most boaters, the question you undoubtedly ask is “How can I responsibly afford my own boat and use it often enough to justify all the hassle and expense?” SailTime has the practical solution that puts boat ownership within your reach.  By sharing the use of your boat you can cover your costs, while still enjoying plenty of time with your family and friends.

SailTime boat owners are responsible for operating costs including slip fees, insurance, bottom painting/cleaning, and a loan payment (if applicable).  However, owners receive 50% of the revenue generated by their boats.  After 3-4 members join, this is normally enough to cover the cost of slip, insurance, and bottom care.  Once more members join your boat, you will be receiving money to help cover your boat loan or pay you directly.  A SailTime boat will have a maximum of 6 members and 1 owner.

Learn about tax advantages that can save you thousands

The SailTime Miami ownership program is extremely flexible and can be customized to give an owner more usage or can be geared towards generating more revenue. Depending on your situation, we put together a plan that fits you and your family best.


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