Members Can PLUS Their Way Around the Globe!

SailTime PLUS benefits your membership holds. PLUS allows you to sail SailTime boats at other bases for a low “member only” price. Lets take a tour across the country and around the world where the sailing is great all Winter long.   Southeast USA: Choose from  Charleston South Carolina, St Augustine, Miami and Tampa in Florida. As an example, SailTime Plus members can enjoy sailing on the beautiful, historic waters in sunny St. Augustine, Florida! Winter temperatures are moderate and average in the 50s to 60s with lots of sunshine and lovely breezes in the 12 to 17 mph range. The location of the base in the city’s premiere marina allows immediate access to wide rivers and offshore sailing. Amenities in Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor include lovely accommodations, waterfront dining, fresh seafood and a casual sandwich shop. Your stay should include walking the historic district of the ‘Ancient City’ with all its boutiques, pubs and historical markers.     The well-maintained fleet  at St Augustine, includes a 2008 Hunter 33 at $143.75 per sail slot, a 2009 Hunter 36 at $168.75 per sail slot, and a 2007 Hunter 41 Deck Salon at $198.75 per sail slot. Prices reflect weekday PLUS prices  – weekends are $287.50, $337.50, and $397.50 respectively.       The Caribbean: Our base is located in Puerto Rico at Puerto del Rey Marina, which is located in the town of Fajardo on the East Coast. SailTime members receive a 15% discount off the charter rates directly at the gateway to the Spanish Virgin Islands! The fleet includes Hunter sailboats and Lagoon catamarans. Of interesting note at this writing, this base is setting up the facilities for you to be able to one way from the US or British Virgins to the Spanish Virgins!       California: With bases in San Francisco, Oxnard, Marina Del Rey, Newport Beach and San Diego, there’s probably a SailTime base near where you are going! All California bases have banded together to offer a unified pricing structure for PLUS Member usage: $150 per Sail Time Slot for a 33 $180 for a 36 $210 for a 38 $250 for a 41 Note that not all bases have all sizes of boat. In addition two Southern California bases have put together winter vacation learning programs so you can get to the next level before your base opens up next Spring! San Diego is offering an ASA 104 5-day vacation learning experience. $1390 for 3 days ASA 104 lessons plus 2 days sailing on your own. A fabulous 5 day live aboard vacation! Newport Beach is offering an ASA 104, Bareboat Charter Course that is taught privately for a couple or family.  During the course, spend 3 days and 2 nights in Catalina Island.  The cost, which includes everything but food is $1725. Australia If you are heading down under, there are now four base locations to choose from. Wouldn’t it be fun to sail a SailTime boat in the land of Oz while the Northern hemisphere  lies deep in Winter! The UK We hear from our mates across the pond that yes, indeed, they sail year around at most of the bases. If you go, we want to hear the story! The fun part about PLUS is that year around, you can travel to a destination for business or pleasure and use a boat at another SailTime base. You will find familiar boats and smiling faces ready to give you a hand, maybe even local crew if you need it! The point being, you may be traveling to LA or Jacksonville on business… Why not take an extra day and go for a sail? This is what it’s all about! We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out how many warm weather locations there are out there that we didn’t mention. That’s because there are still literally dozens of potential SailTime bases in year around and seasonal locations still available. If you or someone you know is looking for a change in career, SailTime could be just what you are looking for! The PLUS program includes certain safety conditions that apply at various bases, but on average you will pay around $100 to get “Checked out” the first time you visit another base. After all, docks are different and harbors have specific conditions. So in order for you to have a good, safe time, each base sets its own criteria. In all cases you will at least need ASA 104 certification to bareboat. All bases can put a Captain or Instructor on board depending on what you want to do if you are not 104 yet.

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