SailTime Milwaukee and Racine

Sailing Membership

Simply go sailing

SailTime Wisconsin offers sailing in two convenient locations in Southeastern Wisconsin: Milwaukee and Racine.  Our program allows members to go sailing as if you own the boat but without any of the hassles and at a much lower cost to you.

Our sailing membership programs start at as low as $300 a month.

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SailTime Membership

Having a membership is the perfect way to get on the water without ownership requirements. With SailTime, there is absolutely no ownership obligations; you will never have to worry about storage in the winter, launching in the spring, or any other maintenance associated with the boats, all for less than the cost of maintaining a boat.  When you sign up for the season with SailTime Milwaukee you receive the benefits of SailTime Plus. SailTime functions a lot like a sailing club with sailboats from both 33 to 38 feet.

Membership Plans

7 uses/month – The Classic Membership
 is our most popular level. Sailors love this type of membership because it offers the most flexible and affordable “full time” sailing option on the water. Members get more sailing time than any other club or charter offering in the world! Not only do you have plenty of time allotted to you each month, you can collect unused time to string together a multi-day cruise. Classic Members can also jump on their boat with short notice using our “as available” 36 hour rule which waives the usage rules when you reserve your sailing time within 36 hours of your departure time.

3 uses/month – The Lite Membership is perfect for the sailor who doesn’t have much time to get on the water.  Kid’s soccer games, golf, work; weekends get overrun with responsibilities, making it hard to do what you really want to… sail!  We also find this level to be a good option for someone who wants to start sailing who isn’t sure how much time they are going to be able to devote to the water. Lite members are allocated 3 uses every month, then have the ability to buy additional time within 24 hours.

Both levels use our online scheduling system, both have access to SailTime Plus when they travel, and  both use the same well-equipped sailboats.  Choose the one that fits your lifestyle and start sailing today!

If you have any question or would like to talk sailing please call 262-825-4123 or email us at