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Since our inception ten years ago, SailTime has been teaching people to learn to sail, utilizing the American Sailing Association curriculum of sailing lessons. The ASA learning modules take someone who has never set foot on a sailboat before, all the way through advanced cruising and navigational skills. Like many things in life, sailing is much more enjoyable when you get started right with professional sailing lessons!


Year in and year out, our sailing schools have been recognized as some of the best ASA training facilities in the country. This year is no different. Our Boston sailing base received accolades for top sailing school and top sailing instructor in that region. Out on the West Coast, our San Francisco sailing base did the same thing, garnering top school and top instructor in a region that has plenty of both! Only a few sailing schools reach this pinnacle each year, so we are very proud of the effort put forth every year by our bases across the country.

Our learn to sail programs differ somewhat from what you will find at most sailing schools. The priority here, is to create well educated, confident and prudent sailors who are capable of handling cruising sailboats in a variety of conditions. Many schools are only interested in getting you signed up and moving you through the process as quickly as possible. Ours is just the opposite. We want to spend as much time as it takes to get you and your crew feeling comfortable and proficient.

The best time of year to begin planning your sailing lesson plan is right now. Before the season gets underway, contact your local SailTime base to arrange a time to meet with the instructor and learn more about the program they offer. Signing up early means you get to choose your lesson times before they fill up. Many students can get started early in the Spring and “graduate” by mid-Summer, in time to enjoy the fruits of your education in our flat rate membership sailing program.

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