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SailTime Combats Boat Shortage Issue with Membership Program


SailTime Combats Boat Shortage Issue with Membership Program 

World’s Leading Boat Membership Program Offers Cost-Efficient Opportunity to Aspiring Boat Owners

 According to SailTime and PowerTime’s industry-leading experts, those seeking to buy a new boat will be waiting anywhere from 12 to 18 months at a minimum. Throughout the pandemic, the demand for boats has skyrocketed. Coupled with unexpected production issues, a perfect storm was created, resulting in a shortage in inventory as manufacturers scramble to keep up.

As the interest to find socially distant outdoor activities continue to soar, Americans are taking to the water in record numbers. A recent report from the National Marine Manufacturers Association indicates 2022 boat sales are projected to surpass 300,000 for the second year in a row. This marks historic levels for the recreational boating industry — something not experienced since the Great Recession in 2008. With no signs of slowing down, experts believe 2022 will be another strong year for boat sales.

The recreational boating industry is also seeing an uptick in first-time boat owners, which drives the recent record-high sales. According to NMMA, data shows there were 415,000 first-time boat buyers in 2020. The report also noted an increase of younger, more diverse boaters as more people discover the advantages and freedoms of boating and being out on the water. 

With boat sales and interest at an all-time high, boat dealers and manufacturers continue to deal with a frustrating backlog of orders. The pandemic-related supply chain issue has caused a bottleneck of problems nationwide, with a critical lack of inventory the industry has never faced before.

This demand remains elevated with the start of peak boating season quickly approaching. SailTime Group, the world’s leading fractional boat membership franchise, with more than 35 bases and 115 boats, offers a cost-effective solution to those longing to get on the water amid the current boat supply shortage.

“Inventory is scarce across the country,” said Bob Remsing, SailTime Chicago base owner. “With SailTime, instead of dealing with outrageous costs and months, if not years of waiting, as a member, you have a fixed cost to sail or boat all season at your leisure. If you and your family or friends want to go boating without delay, our team at SailTime can help.”

There are several options readily available for those in search of time at sea — SailTime’s membership program, ownership program, or in select locations, its PowerTime membership program for those seeking fast-paced adventures. 

When it comes to owning a boat, you can also make this dream a reality through SailTime. New owners have streamlined access to the pleasures of owning a boat without the responsibilities of upkeep. Through this option, aspiring boat buyers can utilize other vessels to enjoy the open waters until their boat arrives, which, with supply at a historic low, could be a while. 

“Currently, boat lovers face a three-fold issue,” said Andrew Troyano, SailTime New York base owner. “If you want to buy a boat, you can’t get one right now, and in the off chance you do, it’ll be a year, if not longer, until you can enjoy your purchase. The second issue is cost. The price of boats is skyrocketing. Our membership makes owning a boat more cost-effective. And lastly, it’s a very low commitment. Owners don’t have to worry about the upkeep of their boats. SailTime has experts on deck who cover all aspects of ownership.”

With boats sold out or on backorder for the foreseeable future and the crippling supply chain issues across the country, many SailTime base owners are experiencing a striking increase in memberships. 

“As the boating industry continues to see supply shortages paired with the increasing demand, SailTime provides a simple, fun, and efficient alternative,” said Todd Hess, SailTime Group’s CEO. “Through SailTime’s vast network of programs, boat enthusiasts gain access to sailing, boating, and ownership opportunities. Our memberships are designed to make your life easier while offering a world-class experience. Don’t wait to enjoy the spring boating season. See how you can schedule your next sea adventure now.”

The typical sailing season for most SailTime bases kicks off in May and runs through October. However, sailing seasons for certain bases may vary. 

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