Show Time for SailTime in Chicago

What better way to shake off a colder than usual winter than to kick off the Strictly Sail show series in Chicago! Doors opened Thursday and the show runs through Sunday. The crew from Chicago and Milwaukee are on hand to meet and you can learn more about the Chicago and Wisconsin programs. Get your questions answered so you can be ready to jump on board for a great sailing season.

Base Manager, Ryan Remsing, Middle, says “The high point of the year is this show, when everybody from the midwest sailing community comes out to celebrate a new season. It just keeps getting better every year!” Ryan reminds sailors who are thinking of joining, can save $500 if they are a fan on Facebook !

Spring can’t be far off now that Strictly Sail is here. Time to get serious about your sailing plans. Come on down to Chicago now or see us again at Strictly Sail Miami in February or out on the West Coast at Strictly Sail Oakland in April.

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