Tahiti Chosen For Captains Cruise V Flotilla

There is very tight space for Members to join in. A maximum of 5-6 yachts will comprise this intimate flotilla. Only a couple boats remain. So, get your crew together and contact for more information. To qualify to charter your own yacht on this flotilla you must have achieved ASA 105 and have chartered somewhere else before in a foreign land. We have monohulls, 36-50 ft and catamarans 38-42 ft available from the charter company. Prices range from a low of about $2000 per cabin to a high of about $3500 a cabin for 10 days of yacht cabin accommodations suitable for singles or couples. In past cruises, families chartered their own boats as well as collectives of Members who “co-op” the entire cost of the boat. It’s easy and fun and really less expensive than going on a beach resort vacation. Plus, we see a different beach every day. Highlights of this trip include some of the healthiest coral reefs on the planet to snorkel each day, incredible island scenery not found anywhere else and an intriguing culture of people that combines french and island heritages. If you haven’t seen the videos of our 2008 flotilla in this region, you can watch them here, to help you decide.

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