So, Your Financial Advisor Has Told You That A Boat Is Not A Good Investment

As a grown adult, you probably don’t like it when someone tells you “no.” It’s human nature to want what you can’t, or shouldn’t, have. If your inner monologue tells you not to eat that slice of cake or not to make a big purchase, you may just want to tell that inner monologue to stop talking.

However, when it’s your financial advisor telling you “no,” you listen, especially if your financial advisor tells you not to make an investment. You may question your financial advisor’s advice if he or she tells you not to buy something you really want — like a boat.

When it comes to buying a boat, or making any large purchase, the idea of whether it is a good investment is not a cut and dry issue. Sometimes, an investment may not make sense financially, but it could offer other benefits in your life.

“If sailing adds value, and is a value to your well-being, then there is a return that the financial advisors cannot quantify or qualify,” shares SailTime CEO Todd Hess. “You need to ask yourself, ‘Is this an investment for a financial return or is it for the value it brings you as something you enjoy?’”

When deciding whether to purchase a boat, ask yourself if it’s something you truly want and if you can afford it. If you plan to purchase a boat simply for the resale value, it may not be the best option for you. However, if you want to buy a boat because sailing is in your blood, it’s worth considering.

Maybe you can afford the initial purchase of a sailboat, but what about the cost of ownership? With maintenance and marina rental fees, the cost of ownership alone can be too much. That’s where SailTime comes in.

Owner-Members can have their cake and eat it, too. By owning a boat in the SailTime fleet, Owner-Members don’t have to worry about maintenance or finding a marina slip. They have access to their boat, along with the other members who share time.

For those who are considering ownership but want to test the waters, a SailTime membership is also a great option. This allows you to use a boat as if it’s yours, without the hassle and commitment of ownership. You can also have your cake and eat it, too.

If you choose to sail with SailTime, whether as a monthly member or an Owner-Member, you are undoubtedly making a sound investment in your health and happiness.

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