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American Sailing Association Certified Sailing School

Offering courses in Norfolk, VA

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Introduction to Sailing

2 hours on a 22′ sailboat where students learn the basic concepts of sailing. 
$160 for 2 hour sail

Crew Competency Course

One-day course for novice sailors wishing to gain basic experience sailing a 22′ sailboat.
  $295 for 1 day

Basic Keelboat (ASA 101)

Learn to sail a boat of about 20 feet in length in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters without supervision. No previous power, sail or navigation skill required.
Our week-end public ASA Basic Keelboat course is limited to 4 people so you get ample personalized instruction. The course combines classroom and on the water instruction. When you complete Basic Keelboat certification, you will have enough practical experience to skipper a sailboat of about 22′ in light to moderate winds.   $475 for 2 days

$275 for a 4 hour challenge (no instruction)

Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)

Students will learn to skills to perform as skipper or crew of a 30-50 foot boat by sailing in coastal waters. Upon completion students will be able to demonstrate the ability to skipper a sloop-rigged auxiliary powered (outboard or inboard engine) keelboat of approximately 25 to 35 feet length by day in moderate winds and sea conditions.

$495 for 2 days

$275 for a 4 hour challenge – no instruction  

Intermediate Coastal Cruising (ASA 104)

Demonstrated ability to skipper a sloop-rigged, auxiliary powered (inboard diesel engine) keelboat of approximately 30 to 50 feet in length during an extended cruise in coastal waters in moderate to heavy winds and sea conditions. Knowledge of provisioning, galley operations, boat systems, inboard engine operation, maintenance procedures, advanced sail trim, coastal navigation including basic chart plotting and GPS operation, mooring with multiple anchors, weather interpretation, and dinghy/tender operation.

 $825 for 3 days/2 nights (includes provisioning)

Basic Coastal plus Bareboat Charter Certification (ASA 103 and ASA 104)

This is the course you should complete to charter in the Islands. Four days and 3 nights on the water. The individual can act as skipper or crew of a 30 – 50 foot boat sailing by day in coastal waters. The Standard includes knowledge of boat systems, navigation basics and maintenance procedures. Itinerary always subject to wind and weather, but destinations can include Mobjack Bay, Bay Creek Marina, Smithfield, Deep Creek, Hampton, Willoughby Bay, York River.

 $1325 for 4 days/3 nights (includes provisioning)

Six Day “Cruise to Learn” Novice to Bareboat Certification Course (ASA 101-104)  

No prior experience required. 6 days and 4 nights. Days 1 and 2 on 22′ sailboat. Move aboard 36′ sailboat on evening of Day 2 through Day 6.

$3495 for 2 people. Provisioning included.

Coastal Navigation (ASA 105)

This course enables the student to demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters. There is no Sailing Skills part to this Standard and practical application of this sailing knowledge is found in the Advanced Coastal Cruising Standard.
No ASA prerequisites, however SailTime recommends a basic understanding of nautical charts and experience reading a compass. Content is appropriate for power or sail. This ASA-certified course is more in depth than the USCG navigation module. Be prepared to study outside of class.

$495 for 16-18 hours of classroom instruction

$245 – Challenge 105 – no instruction  

Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA 106)

Able to safely and efficiently dock an auxiliary powered (single inboard or outboard engine) sailboat. Knowledge of basic auxiliary power theory, engine and steering controls, proper use of dock lines, crew communication and safety. Course includes night sailing. Scheduling subject to requests.
Prerequisites: ASA 101-105

$995 for 3 days and 2 nights. Includes provisioning

Sailboat Docking Endorsement (ASA 118)

This hands-on course allows students to learn theory and practice repetitive docking and casting-off maneuvers to reinforce understanding of theory, methods and skills. Both novice and experienced sailors will benefit from this course as the techniques apply to small outboard powered boats in the 15- to 20-foot range on up to 50-foot inboard single-screw cruising yachts.

$345 for 1 day (includes official ASA certification)

$295 for 1 day (non-certification course)

Private Instruction

$100 per hour on our 22′ boat for 1 person (3 hour minimum). $20 each additional person per hour.

$85 per hour * your boat (3 hour minimum). $20 each additional person per hour. * Additional fees may apply depending on travel time to your location.