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How Does a Fractional Boating Membership Work?

You as a “Member” will select a particular boat to operate, based on size, price, and availability. You will use the same boat every time as if it were your own. In fact, many members refer to their assigned boat as “my boat,” which means they are familiar with it and take better care of it than they might in a typical bareboat charter arrangement.

Each boat has a maximum of 8 equivalent “Classic” memberships, which distributes the available time equally among Members throughout each month. You simply use the web-based calendar to select the times you want to sail, and your boat will be ready when you arrive. Once at the marina, you will inspect the boat to be sure it is ready, using the automated “Embark” system. Then go sailing, being sure to return in time to ready the boat for the next member.

SailTime membership is easy, hassle-free, and much less expensive than boat ownership!

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Guaranteed Sailing

SailTime offers guaranteed access to your boat every month. You can make reservations online up to one year in advance and can book additional free “as-available” sail times using your smartphone. “Classic” SailTime memberships allow a minimum of 7 sail times per month and can get additional free sail times when reservations are made within 36 hours of the start time. “Lite” memberships get 3 sail times per month and “Premium” memberships get 14 sail times per month. Premium members can take the boat for up to 7 continuous days and nights. With SailTime PLUS, members can rent boats at other SailTime locations at a mere fraction of the cost of regular bareboat chartering.

Global Access

What to do in the winter, when there’s no sailing in Chicago?  We’re part of the world’s largest boating membership company! With locations nationwide and global bases stretching from Europe to Australia, Members can use SailTime Plus to take out a boat in warmer locations. With a low-cost, standardized pricing plan, a boating vacation is possible at a much cheaper rate than through traditional charter companies.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


Membership Benefits

• You design your own sailing calendar using an online scheduling system
• A limited number of members on each boat
• Make instant same-day sailing reservations or plan up to a year in advance
• Top quality boats that are professionally managed
• No maintenance, slip fees, insurance, or other headaches.
• 24/7 Staff availability during the season.
• Only a one-year commitment
• Membership fees vary by boat size, marina location, and the number of monthly users.training and are now available for seasonable memberships as well.

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