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SailTime has the largest network of professional sailing schools in the world. With 30 schools certifying students to the American Sailing Association (ASA), and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) standards, we take the best techniques and materials from each school and share them with you.

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And once you earn your certification, the next step is to just go sailing! Much like learning a new language, you will need real-world experience to become proficient. SailTime Membership is the perfect way for new sailors to take the helm.

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The following locations offer online scheduling of their sailing courses. Choose your preferred location and book your certified sailing course today.

Pier in fairhope, al

Alabama Sailing School

15 Courses Available
Hanse 348 underway cutting through waves

Anacortes Sailing School

15 Courses Available
Sailtime annapolis sailboats cruising into annapolis at sunset

Annapolis Sailing Instruction

7 Courses Available
Sailboats near pies park, ma

Boston Sailing School

7 Courses Available
Sailboat on the water with the chicago skyline in the background

Chicago Sailing School

8 Courses Available
Detroit skyline

Detroit Sailing School

7 Courses Available
Sturgeon bay lighthouse on lake michigan

Door County Sailing School

4 Courses Available
Kemah boardwalk from above

Houston Sailing School

12 Courses Available
Barnegat lighthouse at sunset

Jersey Shore Sailing Instruction

7 Courses Available
Sailboat in the marina del rey inlet

Los Angeles Ventura Sailing School

7 Courses Available


World-Class Training

All US based SailTime instructors are licensed US Coast Guard captains and ASA-certified instructors. They go through a rigorous training and testing process to reach that level and are further vetted as great teachers. We only hire the best. Our schools and instructors are routinely recognized as “School of the Year” and “Instructor of the Year” by the American Sailing Association.

Why Certify?



Learning to sail based on a logically sequenced curriculum will help you understand “why” you are doing something, not just “how”.



Learning to sail based on a logically sequenced curriculum will help you understand “why” you are doing something, not just “how”.



Certifications are required by SailTime and other charter companies before they will allow you to take the boats.

Our members and students are busy people who want to get the most out of their time on the water, so our smaller class sizes facilitate a more productive learning environment. You will get plenty of time at the helm, cranking the winches, and getting your questions answered. With an emphasis on seamanship, boat systems, and cruising, you will soon be ready to head out on your own!

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SailTime Sailing School

At a SailTime sailing school, you can be assured that you will be learning on the highest quality yachts available. Safe, clean, and comfortable, your experience on the water will be an enjoyable one.

In addition, you’ll be learning to use the latest electronics and safety equipment on our modern Hunter and Beneteau sailboats.

It's This Simple

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You pay the membership fee, reserve your time online, and head to the boat to sail with your crew. When you’re finished for the day, you button it up for the next member, step off, and walk away planning your next trip.