Captain Board

Do you ever just want to entertain your guests and not worry about sailing? Or allow yourself to have an extra glass of wine without any safety risks? As a member, you are allowed to hire a USCG captain to operate the boat for you.

Hiring a captain also allows you to gift a sail time to a friend, colleague, or family member without needing to be present. We often see members use their membership time to donate a captained charter to their favorite charity fundraiser. The list of captains below are all familiar with our fleet and SailTime Chicago trusts them to be professional and courteous.

**All captains are hired directly and set their own fees from $50-$150/hour**

The Captains

Larry Woods/Crew Services
(847) 204-7776
[email protected]

Jim Johnson
(303) 999-9816
[email protected]

Keith Bridges
(815) 545-2200
[email protected]

Terry Paige
(847) 651-1165
[email protected]

Jason Kovalcin
(917) 902-1244
[email protected]

Ryan Remsing
(815) 355-0917
[email protected]