SailTime Marina del Rey

Affordable Flat Rate Sailing in Los Angeles

Take in the beautiful coastal environment just outside Los Angeles sailing from Venice to   Malibu, cruising by the iconic Santa Monica Pier while watching dolphins leap through surrounding waves. 


Pass through Two Harbors and the anchoring coves around Catalina Island and be back just in time to watch the sun set on the Hollywood sign on your way in to a slip in Marina del Rey. Enjoy nearby takeout options on deck under the stars or in your boat’s cozy cabin saloon before being rocked to sleep by the slow tides of our peaceful inlet to make for a remarkably satisfying morning sunrise astern your vessel

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Grant Walstom, Base Manager. 310.409.3450

Grant Walstrom, SailTime base manager of Marina del Rey, in close association with Naos Yachts, Inc., replotted his course to the year-round sailing locale of the Southern California coast since previously living, working and playing all over the Midwest’s beautiful Great Lakes. Lifelong boater, he’s now enjoying Los Angeles doing what he loves most, being on the water as much as possible while also savoring the life, culture and climate of the city and its surroundings.  

Contact Grant if you’re interested in opportunities to sail and be on the water at your own convenience and without so many of the hassles and costs that come with actually owning a boat. Our city’s incredibly accessible Marina del Rey is simply too entertaining and too nearby to not take advantage of.

Sailing lessons are also available for all new sailors and interested water seekers.


This fractional boat club lets you walk on and off a boat during the times you most prefer and in which you can quickly and easily book out online using the SailTime scheduling calendar. Even book with boats from over 50 other ports worldwide using “”Global Access””. Take yourself where you want, when you want, with no stop signs or traffic jams. Make a wake around LA with the wind at your back with us at SailTime in Marina del Rey.

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