5th Annual BVI Sailing Flotilla Brings Members Together

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of SailTime Membership is what we call “guilt-free” sailing. Members enjoy all of the benefits associated with ownership of a luxury sailboat in their home port minus the costs and the hassle. With our easy scheduling system, there is always more time available to sail than most people have to spare in their busy lives. Sailing regularly in home waters builds strong skills and confidence. Members can then take these skills to far flung sailing destinations of the world without feeling guilty about that boat they left at home!

We have developed a long term relationship with Sunsail, who has charter bases in all the desirable sailing destinations around the globe. Members get a nice discount for chartering just for being a part of our program. But at least a couple times a year, flotillas are organized that offer both camaraderie and great value. We negotiate group rates so that Members from around the world can join in. Past idyllic sailing vacation destinations have already included Polynesia, The Mediterranean, Bahamas, as well as the Caribbean.


Philadelphia Base Owner Cherie & Mike Starner plus Member crew get their boat briefing

In what has become a tradition, each Fall, we visit the British Virgin Islands of the Caribbean. This is the perfect place for a first time sailing vacation for many reasons, including a mooring ball every night and protected sailing in the Sir Francis Drake Channel, surrounded by the archipelago of the BVI. This year was no different as we celebrated our 5th annual BVI flotilla. A total of eleven boats were filled with about 60 folks consisting of Members who brought along their friends and family to experience a sailing vacation. Eight of the boats had members from all across the USA and three were filled with Members from the United Kingdom.


From November 5-12 we sailed all around the BVI with a very fair wind out of the Southeast that averaged 15 knots each day. Nothing could be better than sailing in a very warm climate. Each day had a new destination of snorkeling and exploring as well as one great beach bar after another. The people of the British Virgin Islands are warm and welcoming and the choice of moorings is fantastic. Many bays boast dozens of mooring balls which negate the need to anchor and protect the precious undersea world from them.


Sunsets are a highlight of any sailing day!

Becoming qualified to charter your own boat in a foreign land is a worthy goal. It takes a year or two of concentrated effort to become ASA certified to the 105 skill level and confident enough for a safe experience. But it is also possible to make the trip into a learning experience gaining additional ASA certifications while enjoying paradise with a Captain/Instructor on board.


California’s Team Caca Fuego Enjoys the Cuisine of Fat Virgin Cafe in North Sound

Perhaps the best part of a sailing vacation is that unlike a traditional beach vacation, you get to enjoy a different beach each day with varying scenery, dining and entertainment possibilities. Vacation sailing opportunities near and far are just another reason SailTime makes sense for today’s sailors!

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