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About SailTime


Welcome Aboard

Founded in 2001 in Austin Texas, SailTime is the largest fractional boat club in the world. SailTime’s innovative boat sharing program gives you the freedom of regular, flexible time on the water

The World's Leading Boat Membership Company

SailTime was formed to fulfill a need to make boating easier and more affordable. A pioneer in the sharing economy, SailTime has opened the way for many boat-share programs in the marine industry. SailTime focused exclusively on sailboats, and the business quickly expanded to 30 bases in North America in its first three years. SailTime maintains over 35 bases with 115 boats on two continents.


More Ideas On The Horizon

SailTime product offerings have expanded to include power boats with PowerTime as well as several other complimentary products that help SailTime members achieve the personal lifestyle goals they set for themselves and their families. SailTime continues to expand and innovate with additional products, locations, brands and types in the SailTime program.


National Bases

Each SailTime base is independently owned and operated by a local entrepreneur who the SailTime Group, LLC, has licensed to use our trademarks and business methods. Our “Base Owners” take pride in ensuring that your experience with SailTime is one that is memorable and world-class. Additionally, these proud business owners are in charge of all the boats’ maintenance and operational needs, so you can simply enjoy your time on the water with friends and family.

Woman standing on the bow of a sailboat looking out onto the water