We Do All The Work So You Can Play!

SailTime is a very unique offering in the world of sports and adventure. Virtually, anybody, can gain access to all the fun going on at their local waterway! Here is how we make it possible.

Chicago sailing fleet, long before anyone else has their boats in the water. Ready for the season!
Chicago sailing fleet, long before anyone else has their boats in the water. Ready for the season!

Every one of our boating bases across North America and in Australia is comprised of the boat owners, (owner-members) and a variety of members who don’t have equity in the boat but enjoy it like they do.

For so long, yachting was limited to the well heeled. Not only has it cost a boat owner substantial upfront money to purchase. The ongoing month-in, month-out running costs have priced most sailors out of owning a medium to large-sized cruising yacht through the years. With our program, however, an owner-member doesn’t have to go it alone. And for those who are not in a financial position to buy a boat, it’s not the only way to gain access.

The owner-member is an important piece of the SailTime operating puzzle. The owners of the boats help the base offer membership positions to the public by placing their boat in their local program. For doing so, they get to sail a lot on the boat they purchased at the lowest possible price in the industry. Then, things like monthly slip costs, insurance costs, monthly and annual maintenance get taken care of by the business. This reduces the overall hard cost of ownership over time by tens-of-thousands of dollars!

When the owner arrives at his boat, its clean, fueled and ready to go. When finished with an outing, just clean up after yourself. We take care of the rest! There are no season-end or season-kickoff chores, no days spent hauling or waxing and polishing. Just more time to enjoy your boat out on the water.

As an owner-member, rest assured, our member training programs are some of the most complete in the industry. In fact, most of our bases are award winning sailing and boating schools. Our members are not like some sort of anonymous charterer or boat renter. We know our members and we train them to treat your boat like their own.

If you have ever thought of buying a power or sail boat, only to find out its just out of reach, we urge you to visit a local base and find out how we can make it affordable for you. Choose from many sailing monohull or catamarans and in many locales, a variety of powerboat sizes.


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