Day 6 brings us 2-3 hour sail to Cooper Island to celebrate a week’s flotilla

Today we will be leaving The Bight for a nice medium length sail of about 2-3 hours from Norman Island to Cooper Island where we will be gathering as a group for dinner to celebrate the completion of a succesful week long flotilla charter for our N2C Captains.

We had a great sail on a close haul from The Bight to Cooper Island Beach Club today.  We grabbed a mooring ball at CIBC and wound down the day while watching a beautiful sunset.

As the sunset our entire N2C flotilla and Captains went ashore for a celebration dinner and graduating ceremony that was full of laughs, fun and good food.  Andy Baker of CIBC was very gracious and had a wonderful spread ready for us in the beach side pavillion.

After some opening comments and remarks we asked each Captain to introduce their crew and tell a brief story about their week and what they learned or experienced.  This had many of in stitches as the stories were funny and informative.  Here Allen Andrews of Chicago tells about his learnings and dream of a lifetime trip in the BVI!

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