Chicago Base Adds Powerboats

Our Chicago boating base has added two brand new Rinker powerboats to their Burnham Harbor fleet in the heart of the city.

“Axess” is a 2011 Rinker 310, so named, because it provides access to fun afternoons of boating on Lake Michigan to our members. It is fully loaded with top of the line equipment.  She’s powered by twin 300hp Merccruiser engines with Axius joystick docking control and Vessel View.  Axius allows you to move forward, sideways, spin in circles; even all at the same time! Vessel View allows us to track the exact fuel consumption by every user, ensuring everyone pays for exactly their own usage. To keep the boat trimmed, Axess has Auto Glide, which are automatic trim tabs.  The boat will put itself on its most efficient and comfortable trim. As far as amenities, Axess stays true to SailTime’s position of having the best appointed boats possible.  There is a full galley, 2 refrigerators, even an electric grill in the cockpit.  You won’t even have to leave the slip to have a great day!  If the weather turns for the worst, there is a full canvas enclosure and AC/Heat down below.  When anchoring, it’s all powered by the Kohler low emissions AC generator. As the owner of Axess you’ll get 14 boating times per month, 4 of those guaranteed on the weekend.  That’s ¼ of every month.  And with membership full you’ll be earning a large monthly check from SailTime to cover your ownership expenses.  If you’re interested and would like to learn more, please contact SailTime Chicago’s offices right away.

Sailtime party 2011 050

The largest powerboat in SailTime Chicago’s powerboat fleet is a brand new Rinker 360, “Banshee”. It is a spacious boat, with 6’11” of headroom in the cabin. Banshee is fully loaded with top of the line equipment.  She’s also powered by twin 300hp Merccruiser engines and the Axius joystick docking control. The Axius system also incorporates Skyhook, a program that will keep the boat on a GPS point and at the same heading no matter what the weather conditions. There is a cockpit galley with Rinker’s signature built-in blender, 2 refrigerators, and even an icemaker in the cockpit.  In the cabin there are 3 full size berths, 2 TV/DVD players, and an electric range.  There’s even a hardwired vacuum system for cleaning up when your day is done.  Banshee is better setup than a lot of Chicago apartments! There is still one more membership opening on Banshee as of this writing. Pricing starts at $950/month.  Banshee is also looking for an owner.  SailTime is selling straight from the factory, and offering huge savings.

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