Crew Connection is Here!

Now, it’s easy for a Member to find crew or be crew at the flip of a switch! On the Member home page, a Member can make the decision to opt-in or opt-out at any time. For instance, if you were going away on vacation, you could easily opt-out during that time period. The unique aspect of the Crew Connection is that it runs base-wide across all boat members, not just the Members who are Members of the sailboat you are on. This gives you the opportunity to sail with many more people on a variety of sailboats in any given fleet. When a Members reserves a sail time, they are given the option of inviting crew. When they do invite crew, the instant the reservation is made, Members who have opted-in will receive an email inviting them to join the crew. Additionally, in a last-minute situation, phone numbers are available of the Members who have opted-in for the reserving Member to call. The beauty of this very elegant solution to an age-old sailors challenge is that those Members who aren’t interested in inviting others to sail with them, for whatever reason, needn’t be bothered by simply opting-out of the Crew Connection program. Look for more exciting technology and service advancements from the global leader in membership sailing soon!

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