Day 2 BEYC and tons of fun sailing, racing and lying on the beach

We are getting the day started with fresh coffee and Patrick in the galley making the smells of bacon, eggs and whatever else he plans to cook up.  He is quite the breakfast chef while on board and he loves it!  Dave is hanging a hammock and Ryan is starting the clean up the deck a bit as it needs it!  Another day in paradise!  What can we say someone has to do it!  More later as the day unfolds!

St flag

Mjali which is our Lagoon 410 that limped along most of the week.  We were able to have her underway most of the time with bailing wire and duct tape.  Here she sits at Dock 2 at BEYC flying her flags proudly!  John Glynn from BEYC was a very Gracious host and treated us wonderfully during our stay.  He was kind enough to invite us to stay at the dock while Mjali was down for the count with a serious battery charging problem.  We had not power and staying at the dock gave us a shore power connection that allowed us to use the boat systems and enjoy a a nice breakfast the next morning.

During our second day we took the opportunity to chill out most of the day and take advantage of some of the fun things that BEYC had to offer.  Dave, Ryan, Bekah, Jen and Patrick all got on board an IC24 and joined a fleet of boats for a brief race while Dave gave the crew their first taste of racing.  Erin and I hopped on a Hobie Cat and sailed around Gorda Sound enjoying the 15-20 knot winds that were howling through past Saba Rock!

Later that day we sat on the beach for a while and then whipped up some appetizers and snacks for dinner.  Erin made her famous mango salsa and we snacked for a while prior to heading to the pub to continue our pool tournament from the previous night.  The Bushwackers were great as was the bar pizza!

Below is Ryan and Bekah having a bite as the sun rose over BEYC.

Ryan bkfst

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