Embark Makes Check-On and Off Easy

Embark is being rolled out across North American SailTime bases this month. The new system makes it easier than ever for Members to check on and off their boats. This technology advancement replaces the “E-ttendant” system SailTime has used since inception.

In the past, E-ttendant utilized PDA technology on SailTime boats. It worked brilliantly where bases had good wi-fi reception. But it was limited due to limited reception of this sort at some of the bases. Embark does away with the hardware on the boats and it’s somewhat tedious electronic check on and check off forms.


Instead, now, Embark allows our sailing club members to use their own cell phone to facilitate the procedure of checking on and off. It reduces the time it takes a Member to check on and off and is much easier for them to use. Members dial a toll-free number after going through an onboard check list when they arrive at their boat and again when they return to the docks. They punch in their Member ID and password and follow simple voice commands. The system alerts the base manager that the boat has left and returned to the dock as well as provide immediate notification of a problem on a boat as simple as the paper towel supply being depleted or as important as engine or rigging problems, etc.

This is the first of several upgrades coming this season for Members who have their own “virtual clubhouse” online where they can make reservations, check weather, local sailing news and interact with other members as well as the local base itself.


Ask your local SailTime base to demonstrate how we make it easy for us to say, “Your Boat is Ready When You Are!” Unique in the world of sailing, SailTime lets people enjoy the luxury of sailing a larger yacht than they could afford to own on their own and go sailing, hassle-free, in their local metro waters whenever they like.

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