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The water surrounding New York City is an inviting space for those seeking to get away from the crowds. SailTime New York offers members the ability to escape the crowds, breathe fresh air, and take in scenic views all at once.

What can you tell me about the history of sailing in New York?

It seems the New York Harbor has been a hub for boats and sailing since the beginning of time. In more recent decades, charter companies and boat captains have helped more sailors venture out into the water. As the popularity of sailing in New York Harbor has increased, so has the popularity of SailTime.

SailTime New York offers sailors the most economical option for boating in the harbor. The harbor is very busy, and dockage is expensive. Many of SailTime New York’s members joined after leaving other clubs or programs, or after selling their own boats. While there are many sailing opportunities for sailors to choose from in the area, SailTime New York offers the best benefits. Members are guaranteed time on their boats and they don’t have to worry about boat maintenance. Most of the people who join SailTime New York never want to go back.

Why do people like sailing in New York?

It’s easy for people to leave the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and its surrounding areas and then get on the water. SailTime New York is based in Jersey City, which is directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Many members live and work in Manhattan, and they can greet the SailTime fleet within a matter of minutes after work. From there, they can take a boat out for a sunset sail around the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island. Members love the ease of access and how they can easily pick up their boat and take it out for a couple of hours.

New Yorkers also love sailing because it’s a great way to escape the crowds. Right now, everyone is looking for a way to take a break from the city, and taking a vacation is not an easy option. SailTime New York offers members the ability to leave the crowds of the city and wander through the waterways.

Tell me about SailTime New York and the team

Andrew Troyano runs SailTime New York with his father, Larry. Andrew spent his summers growing up working with boats — first working as a dock attendant at a marina and then washing boats at his father’s Beneteau dealership. Andrew studied construction management at Penn State, but he didn’t like all the math. He eventually went back to his father’s Beneteau business, first to help with the bookkeeping, and then to help full time.

The father-son duo took over the SailTime New York base in 2015, and they expanded the fleet by one boat a year every year since then. They work alongside Bill, a Beneteau technician who has worked on the base for two decades, and the base attendant, Diego. The family-run business is incredibly close-knit, and Owner-Members have strong relationships with everyone who works there. The Owner-Members always compliment the amazing techs, who keep up with their boats and manage to fix any issues in a day.

Can you tell me about a feature member and/or owner member?

The Owner-Members are huge cheerleaders of SailTime New York, and they form tight bonds. It’s a wonderful community, and the members and Owner-Members frequently sail together.

One owner purchased a boat just to put it into the SailTime New York fleet. He didn’t want the hassle and cost of maintaining a boat, but he wanted the benefits. Now, not only does this owner say his boat is kept in great condition, he uses it more than he used a previously owned boat. Another Owner-Member sold his boat and got out of sailing for a few years before joining SailTime New York. He used to always spend time fixing his boats, and now he says he’s enjoying sailing so much more because he doesn’t have to worry about anything. He loves sailing again!

Many of SailTime New York’s send Andrew picture while out on their adventures. The members are SailTime New York’s biggest fans!

What boats are in the SailTime New York Fleet?

SailTime New York has five boats in its fleet, and each one has some membership spots still available. The calendar will open for new members on June 15.

This is the only base with a Beneteau Oceanis 51.1, which is an eye-catching, luxurious boat. Due to the pandemic, current members received additional spots over the summer.

For more information, contact [email protected], call 845-429-1557, or visit them at SailTime New York. Also, follow them on Facebook for exciting updates at
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