Five Bases Earn ASA 2010 Outstanding Award

On the East Coast our bases at St Augustine, Florida, Southport, North Carolina and Boston, Massachusetts earned the ASA Outstanding Sailing School award. On the West Coast, it was our Newport Beach and San Francisco facilities. One of the reasons we think we earn these accolades at our bases year after year, is because we have a different philosophy than many other sailing schools. At many lesson facilities, the goal is to move as many people as possible as quickly as possible, through the ASA curriculum. At SailTime though, we just think differently than the others. Here, we like to spend as much time as a student needs and we like to teach as few students as possible at any one time. After all, we pride ourselves on developing excellent sailors who are eager to gain the skills needed to command a mid-sized cruising yacht. For instance, St. Augustine Sailing’s motto is “Sailing Made Simple!”  The mission statement at this SailTime base sailing school is, committed to putting knowledgeable, safe sailors on the water to create memories that will last a lifetime. Carol Ellis, Base Manager, explains, “the ASA curriculum provides the best vehicle for building knowledge and our Instructors are experienced sailors who love to teach!” For beginners, the concept of sharing time on a new luxury yacht that is professionally maintained provides the perfect entry into sailing through SailTime bases like Northeast Florida. For advanced sailors, yacht sharing takes the work out of owning and maintaining a boat  and frees them to simply enjoy. We challenge you to find an easier more affordable way to get involved in cruising yachts!

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