Get in on the Boat Club Boom

SailTime & PowerTime Fractional Boat Club is Expanding to 50 Markets

DID YOU KNOW that over the past five years, more than 400 boat clubs have opened all over the United States, offering boaters an affordable option to access new model boats in their local boating harbor?

This boat club boom has changed the marine industry and perpetuated a surge in new boaters, driving more new boat sales and a renewed interest in water sports like wakeboarding and fishing. The growth of boat clubs has even caught the attention of major boat manufacturers, who are now heavily invested in the boat club business model. These manufacturers have recognized that consumer behavior is changing from the old way of owning a boat to the new way of sharing a boat.

This transition is all part of what economists call the sharing economy. Millennials and Gen Xers are moving away from traditional ownership and towards shared usage, where they can buy the experience for a simple monthly fee. Over the past five years, shared access has been available in every industry. You now see sharing platforms in automobiles and ridesharing, vacation properties, office space, private jets, and even luxury yachts with a full-time captain and crew.

While manufacturers are investing in boat clubs, so are marina operators, boat dealers, and resort property companies. These marine businesses have recognized that boat clubs are an excellent product line to generate more sales of boats, slips and retail traffic. Every boat in a boat club has ten potential clients to market and upsell.

The largest marina operators have either started a boat club or have partnered with a major boat club franchise to bring additional business to their existing property. It’s a simple add-on that requires minimal resources but delivers a significant upside in revenue. With a boat club on site, marinas become vibrant with enthusiastic boaters, creating an environment that attracts more like-minded clients.

Start your own boat club!

Are you a marina operator or a boat dealer considering starting a boat club? Or are you an entrepreneur that loves boating and would like to start a business that aligns with your passion? If the answer is yes, you should consider opening a SailTime Boat Club Franchise.

Franchise Benefits

  • A proven business model and brand recognition based on 20 years experience in the boat club business.
  • An expert support team to help you get your business up and growing fast.
  • Proprietary Cloud-based boat club Management Software and scheduler.
  • Strategic Partnership with Beneteau Group. All boats can be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

What Is SailTime + PowerTime?

PowerTime is a subsidiary of SailTime, the world’s largest Fractional Boat Club Franchise for sailboats. Founded in 2002, SailTime has over 30 franchises, with 28 in the United States and 3 in Australia.

In 2020, SailTime launched PowerTime Fractional Boat Club and has opened ten franchise locations in the past two and a half years.

What is unique about PowerTime is that the model sells shares of time on a specific boat rather than a fleet of boats. Members join for a full season and have guaranteed usage of a dedicated boat. Members can take the boat out for overnight multi-day trips since PowerTime offers larger boats with overnight accommodations, a galley, and a full-size bathroom. Also, PowerTime has a boat ownership program in which boat owners can earn revenue to offset their expenses.

Join Our Growing Team of Franchises

Over the next four years, SailTime & PowerTime are expanding to 50 locations throughout the US. We are seeking qualified franchise candidates in every boating market to bring this innovative business to the boating community. The model is unique and can thrive in markets where traditional boat clubs already exist. CLICK HERE to learn more!


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