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SailTime Sailboat Owners Enjoy These Benefits


How It Works

Our goal is to reduce your expenses by at least 50% compared to private ownership.

Owners are responsible for the payment of operating costs including slip rent, insurance, maintenance, and a loan payment (if applicable). However, owners receive 50% of the revenue generated from memberships. After three to four members, this 50% is normally enough to cover the cost of slip, insurance, and maintenance. A SailTime boat will have a maximum of seven members and one owner.

The SailTime San Diego ownership program is extremely flexible and can be customized to give an owner more usage or can be geared towards generating more revenue. Depending on your situation, we put together a plan that fits you and your family best.

By default, an owner is reserved two of the eight usage shares, meaning one owner and six members are sharing the boat. This gives the owner 14 SailTimes per month, and more when they decide to roll over unused times or borrow from adjacent months. At the end of the day, our owner programs provide liberal time on the water while also generating signification revenue.

Since organizing the base in 2017, San Diego has filled and maintained over 90% of available memberships! This means your boat will perform under our expert team.

Pro Forma’s are available for the eligible yachts below by contacting our San Diego office. SailTime San Diego has access to new Beneteau models in stock locally, or we can custom order your new boat directly from the factory.


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