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Stop Dreaming and Start Boating, Today!

Do You Travel A lot?


Are you interested in exploring new waters? Want to include sailing as part of your next vacation?

SailTime PLUS makes it easy and affordable for you to do just that!

As a SailTime member or owner, you are automatically enrolled in SailTime PLUS, the SailTime base reciprocity program that allows you to sail at our SailTime Franchise locations for a fraction of the cost of chartering.

The rates listed below are per sail time (10:30am-6pm or 6pm-10:30am).


  • 31 ft (9.45 m) through 34 ft (10.36 m)  – $200*
  • 35 ft (10.67 m) through 37 ft (11.28 m) – $250*
  • 38 ft (11.58 m) through 41 ft (12.5 m) – $300*
  • 42 ft (12.8 m) through 45 ft (13.72 m) – $350*


SailTime PLUS also applies locally at your home base location and provides even more opportunities to get on the water. Pricing for SailTime PLUS in your home base location is a great value. It gives Members the ability to sail larger or smaller boats, or sail out of other local marinas; making your local SailTime experience even more valuable.

* Prices subject to local taxes, and other fees. Must have ASA 104. As available only and may vary by location.

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For more details, please speak to your local SailTime representative. To request more information, please follow the link below.