This worksheet is provided to you, as a prospective franchisee of The SailTime Group, LLC (“STG”), as a tool to make it easier for you to create a pro forma projection of potential financial results.   The version provided by STG does not include any estimates of total revenue or profit, or a range of potential total revenue, all of which you must determine through investigation.


The version provided by STG includes formulas; for example, the “Forecast” tab incorporates by reference data that you insert in the User Inputs, and simplify multiplication, division, addition and subtraction processes.

STG makes no representation as to the time that it will take for you to recruit members for a vessel, or whether you will be able to obtain a specific level of memberships for any vessel.

Net income doesn’t include Depreciation, Capital Cost, Legal Fees, Start-up Expenses, and Other Unforeseen Expenses and is intended for Analysis Purposes only.

The accuracy and reasonableness of the data you add to this worksheet is your responsibility and STG makes no representation, warranty or guarantee of such information.

North America Financial Calculator

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