New Member Levels Make Sailing More Affordable

2011 is an exciting sailing season around here, already! Everything we are doing at SailTime, we are doing so it is easier and more affordable for sailors to go sailing on new cruising yachts in their home waters without the traditional high costs to do so. Our sailing club levels have expanded to include five levels of Membership now.


In fact, this process began over a year ago when it became apparent we needed to go back to the drawing board with our technology before we could proceed in the direction we are now headed. Funny thing about technology… you can either build it for one purpose at the onset, or you can build it to expand and grow. Early versions of our technology were built with the latter competency. But not anymore! We have invested a huge amount of time, effort – and money that will allow us to grow and change according to what our Members want and need now and in the future.

Now you can choose what level you want to be at your local SailTime base. Note that some levels may or may not be available at your local base. So, ask them for more specific information.

Here is a summary of our Membership levels:

New Crew Membership: For a very low rate you can  be “crew”. This is perfect for folks with no sailing experience. You get Captained charters every month where you “learn the ropes”. You are also entered into our system as Crew and can be invited by sailing Members to crew for them. Each base has a nuance to it’s Crew Membership, like ASA lessons while maintaining a Crew Membership and more. So, check with them for more info.

New Lite Membership: Introduced in the middle of last season, our Lite Membership is basically equal to about a half a Classic Membership. You get three sail times a month which is usually just right for a beginning sailor or an “old salt” who doesn’t have enough free time to enjoy the Classic Membership.

Classic Membership: This is the Membership level that has served you for ten years. It is packed with benefits that include, seven sail times a month, ability to borrow time from preceding or proceeding month (not at all locations) and the big one: going sailing, as available, which means – any unreserved sail times inside 36 hours can be taken by a Classic Member without it being charged against your allotment.

New Premium Membership: When all you want to do is sail, you take this Membership because, while it is just like you own the boat, the cost is far, far, far below that of ownership! Fourteen sail times a month includes an entire weekend monthly. If you want it all, here it is!

Owner Member: This is the backbone of our program. While yacht ownership is not for everybody, it is very right for some – especially when it includes our expert management of your yacht. We take care of the slip, insurance and maintenance while you enjoy the benefits of a sailing lifestyle. There could be tax benefits to ask your accountant about with this program. But at the very least you have a way of offsetting the traditional costs in the early years of your ownership. Contact your local base to see what boats they wish to add this season. Our DreamBoat Promotion saves you a bundle during this, our 10th Anniversary year.

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