Groupe Beneteau

Groupe Beneteau is a worldwide market leader in the boating industry with a house of brands that include Beneteau, Jeanneau, Excess Catamarans, Lagoon Catamarans. Since 1884, the Beneteau family boatyard has successfully evolved through the decades, from fishing to recreational boating. With its international production capacities and global sales networks, the Group employs 7,600 people in France, United States, Poland, Italy, Portugal and China.

Jeanneau America

For over 65 years, Jeanneau has designed, built, and sold an extremely wide array of boats, including sailboats, and sailing yachts around the world. As one of the house of brands under Groupe Beneteau, the worldwide market leader for boats, Jeanneau has boats sailing all around the world.

Jeanneau is distinguished by the elegant, clever designs of its sailboats, ranging from 30 to 65 feet, with clean, contemporary, timeless lines by world-renowned naval architects. They always build comfortable boats that are easy to handle.

Beneteau America

For over 130 years Beneteau has been known worldwide for its sleek design, quality construction and innovation in the manufacturing of seaworthy sailing and power yachts.

Groupe Beneteau‘s historic trademark, BENETEAU has been a pioneer for recreational boating from the onset. With its world-leading ranges and iconic products, nearly 45 models offer diverse, high-performance capabilities. With one single idea in mind: innovating in terms of both boats and processes to enable as many people as possible to realize their dreams, making the avant-garde accessible.

Lagoon Catamarans

With over 6,000 catamarans sailing the sea since 1984, Lagoon is the world leader in the construction of cruising catamaran sailboats ranging from 40 to 78 feet. Lagoon offers comfortable and self-sufficient catamarans, produced in a sustainable way, equipped with the latest technologies, all for the satisfaction of today’s sailors. 

Generosity and pleasure are our raison d’être. Our passion for open spaces and comfort on board is part of our genetic makeup. 

Designed to offer a unique lifestyle on the water, Lagoon catamarans are the result of dreams of voyaging and a desire for freedom. Lagoon is committed to sailing pleasure through simple and safe sail trimming. We put our know-how to work in the service of user-friendliness.

Excess Catamarans

Excess has set itself the task of challenging catamaran standards. To create a range of boats that are at the same time racy, simple and accessible, that balances the need for comfort of a multihull with the thirst for the sensations of a monohull.