Sailing – The Low Cost, Close to Home, Active Family Lifestyle

Since it’s origin as a sport and pastime, sailing has mainly been regarded as a sport of the rich. That changed significantly with the introduction of fiberglass in the last century. This century can point to fractional sailing as a major move towards affordability. It really is that big a shift. For a fraction of the cost of ownership, sailors in our program enjoy usage much like that of an “owner” of a fine yacht.

Photo by MIke Ruel

When you compare this fractional sailing to other family sports, the costs are substantially less. For a monthly cost about equal to an auto loan you can sail as much or as little as your time allows. Very little additional equipment is required and once you have completed certified lessons your monthly membership fee is the only ongoing cost. Compare this to, say, skiing or golf for a family of four! Or, even just a couple. When you stay on your boat for a night or two its like a mini vacation close to home that costs nothing additional. Hands down, this is good cheap fun! And unlike other sports which are based on scores and competition, sailing, as a bonus, requires a family team to work together!

Many of you reading this probably could own your own sailboat. SailTime can show you how owning your boat and placing it in your local SailTime fleet makes good sense too. Frankly, boat ownership has a certain level of hassle. With SailTime, all of that hassle and expense is taken away leaving you to enjoy the sailing.

Now is a great time to contact a base near you to learn more about it, see the local fleet and talk to the people who are passionate about showing you a great way to have fun on the water with a premium experience.

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