Sailors Turn Out For Miami Strictly Sail Show

What a great weekend to be away at a sailing show, far from the cold and snow reported to be found on the ground in all 50 states! Strictly Sail in Miami couldn’t have been timed better.

Sailors come in all ages and gender. There are those who sailed once and dream of sailing again. There are those who crew now but want to Captain. Practical people “get it done” while the impractical dream of the perfect situation while letting their life slip by.

Case in point; meet Melissa Feinmel. She stopped by our booth at the show here in Miami today to tell us her story. Melissa had been a racing sailor for many years but longed to enjoy the cruising life. Her previous home was near our North Jersey base, so, one day she stopped by to see what kind of sailing opportunity we offered. It turned out we were just what she was looking for; a facility to enjoy a cruising sailboat and perfect her sailing skills further. She spent the 2006 and 2007 seasons with us at North Jersey. Then she found a sweet 2006 Hunter 36 to buy. Which she did! Now, she lives aboard on Key Biscayne in the Miami area and enjoys cruising the Keys and Bahamas.

For some people, we will be the ultimate goal; the ability to enjoy the fun found in a brand new luxury yacht without the hassle of ownership. For others, we are just a stepping stone in strategic progression to reach a loftier goal, like Melissa’s. We heartily welcome both kinds of sailors. Still, we worry about all those folks out there who dream their life away, “waiting” for the perfect situation that never comes along.

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