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SailTime Annapolis Offers Annual Sailing Clinic at United States Boat Show


SailTime Annapolis Offers Annual Sailing Clinic for Novices

at United States Sailboat Show

World’s Leading Sailboat Membership Franchise Returns to Annapolis’ International Sailboat Show

With the ‘First Sail Workshop’ for Beginners

For nearly 20 years, the SailTime Group, LLC has been breaking down barriers by making sailing more accessible to those interested in seafaring adventures and keeping its commitment to making sailing approachable to novices. SailTime Annapolis in partnership with Beneteau America, The American Sailing Association, The US Boat Shows and Annapolis Yacht Sales, will offer its annual “First Sail Workshop” at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland this fall. 

The United States Sailboat Show is the largest of the Annapolis Boat Shows and has drawn international sailing enthusiasts to Annapolis for more than 50 years. SailTime Annapolis has made a name for itself at the international event over the past 6 years by educating more than 2,000 new sailors during daily clinics throughout the show. 

Workshop participants learn the basics of sailing during a 45-minute classroom session. Then get hands-on experience on the water in a Beneteau yacht during a 90-minute sailing lesson on the Chesapeake Bay.

There are four First Sail Workshops each day of the United States Boat Show. The clinic runs from Thursday October 14th through Sunday October 17th, and prices range from $65-$75 per sailor, which includes admission to the boat show. Advance registration is required, and novices can purchase their tickets here

The event also gives sailors an opportunity to learn about SailTime’s place in the sharing economy. Unlike your typical boat club, SailTime members have monthly access to the same boat for an affordable fee, and they share the vessel with only a handful of other members.

What is SailTime?

  • With a fee that starts at only a few hundred dollars a month, SailTime members can conveniently schedule blocks of time on their boat online. They enjoy a new model sail or powerboat without the commitment or expense of ownership. The membership fee includes the cost of insurance, marina fees, and maintenance.
  • Boat owners can offset the cost of ownership by adding their boat to their local SailTime fleet, allowing a handful of members to use the boat each month. The base manager will handle regular maintenance, preventative care, and repairs. Boat owners are guaranteed monthly usage of their vessel and enjoy all the benefits of boat ownership without the hassle.


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