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SailTime® Announces Partnership with Rinker Boats and Expansion of Fractional Membership Program for Powerboats


SailTime Unveils New Look and Rebranding Effort to Reflect Expansion to Power

– The SailTime® Group LLC announced today a new partnership with Rinker Boats to expand their popular fractional sailing program to include power boats, specifically, Rinker’s line of Express Cruisers and Captivas. During the past two years, SailTime® began adding power boats to their fractional sailing fleet in several key markets, including Toronto, Canada, New York, and Houston. With the announcement of the partnership with Rinker Boats, SailTime®’s fractional program for power boating could eventually expand to its existing 30 SailTime® bases nationwide, making it the largest global company offering fractional memberships in both sailing and power boating.

Expanding its fleet to include power also necessitated a new look and a change to the previous logo which reflected its sailing roots. SailTime launched its new branding campaign: “SailTime: Your Boat is Ready When You Are” in concert with the expansion to power boats to reflect the broader product line and a fresh approach to affordable boating.

“The concept of fractional boating, which SailTime® pioneered in 2001 with sailboats, has helped both novice and experienced boaters enjoy time on the water without the hassle, cost and complexities of owning, docking, insuring and maintaining their own boat,” notes George Bonelli, CEO and Founder of SailTime®. “Through this new partnership with Rinker Boats, we are helping keep the dream of boat access alive for everyone, even during these difficult economic times.”

“Rinker is excited to partner with SailTime,” said Nautic Global Group Marketing Director Steve Tadd. “Fractional boating is a growing business model and SailTime® has pioneered a proven path to boating that is even more appealing in challenging economic times. We believe interest in SailTime® Power will exceed that of the traditional fractional sailing business. Our company and our dealer partners are excited about opportunity to differentiate our brand through this exclusive strategic partnership.”

Similar to the concept of airplane sharing, SailTime®’s fractional program for powerboats enables shared use of a powerboat owned by one individual with several other non-equity members. Each member pays a membership fee to the SailTime® base for access to the boats and is guaranteed a number of boating times every month as well as “as-available” use on a 24-hour notice.

Members design their own boating calendar using the highly advanced SailTime Scheduler™, a proprietary online, real-time scheduling system. Members can make instant reservations or plan up to a year in advance, get on a waiting list and can even request to swap boating times with other Members. If a Member fails to use all of their time in one month, they can carry it over to the next month. Time can also be borrowed from a forward month for extended cruising.

For many who enjoy day and weekend boating but not the costs associated with owning and maintaining their own yacht, fractional membership makes good sense. On average, a mid-sized powerboat can cost $2,000-$3,000 per month for mortgage payments, slip fees, insurance, maintenance, and cleaning.” Yet fractional membership can cost as little as $500 per month, depending on the size of the boat and the market area. The membership fees include all dockage, insurance, and maintenance of the boat. Members cover the cost of fuel and pay a standard hourly engine surcharge.

As SailTime®’s preferred vendor for 26’-40’ powerboats, the line of Rinker Boats featured in the program will include the 32 to 40’ Express Cruisers with Axius joystick docking by MerCruiser.

SailTime® also recently announced the launch of an exclusive new program – SailTime® PLUS, which allows members who travel access to boats at SailTime® bases worldwide, including those in premiere destination spots like Miami, Puerto Rico, Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and the south coast of England. Through SailTime® PLUS, members can take advantage of up to seven days of boating at each desired location, depending on availability. Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance of travel. Prices vary per base but are significantly lower than charter or boating club fees. And with SailTime’s recent expansion to Australia and New Zealand, members can now enjoy boating in ports of call across the globe.

Mathias Chouraki, SailTime®’s New York base owner highlights the different ways members take advantage of the program: “From families who want to spend more time and less money on a boat to corporations looking for innovative ways to entertain new clients, a fractional membership has something to offer for everyone. The bottom line is it’s an affordable way to have access to a full-featured boat and enjoy the yachting lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.”

Richard Shane, owner of the Treasure Chest and a powerboat member of SailTime®’s New York City base notes: “I’ve been boating for 35 years and as owner of a company that deals with dozens of leading boat builders, I can say that the professionalism in which SailTime® goes about its quality service makes the magical experience of cruising around Manhattan Island effortless and affordable.”

“It’s a great way to experience boating without a significant up-front investment,” adds Klaus Buechner, a member of Toronto’s SailTime® Power base. “The fees are reasonable for occasional use of a new yacht, even over several years.”

About SailTime®

SailTime® is the worldwide leader in fractional sailing and power boating membership, a program that provides economical alternatives to boat ownership. Pioneered by SailTime®, fractional memberships put novice and experienced boaters on the water for a fraction of the cost of ownership, maintenance, and upkeep. SailTime® currently operates a fleet of over 160 boats located at more than 50 independently owned and operated locations in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, allowing SailTime® members daily access to boats in major waterways and coastal regions in the U.S. and abroad for a low monthly fee.