SailTime Celebrates Milestone Anniversaries Across the Globe

Annapolis, MD — April 5, 2024 — SailTime Group LLC, the leading fractional boat membership company, is proud to announce significant anniversaries for several of its bases around the world. This year marks a milestone in the company’s history, with nine of its bases celebrating 20 years of operation, one base in Australia celebrating 15 years, another in Portland marking a decade, and the Door County base celebrating its 5th anniversary.

20 Years of Sailing Excellence

SailTime has established itself as a premier provider of boating experiences, with bases in Annapolis, Boston, Chesapeake Bay South, Chicago, New York, Orange County, Philadelphia, San Diego, and San Francisco reaching the remarkable 20-year milestone. Over two decades, these bases have introduced thousands of members to the joys of sailing, providing unparalleled access to the water through an innovative boat membership and management model.

15 Years Down Under

The SailTime base in Australia is also celebrating a significant milestone, with 15 years of operation. This base has played a crucial role in expanding SailTime’s presence internationally, bringing the joy of sailing to the shores of Australia and enabling countless adventurers to explore the beauty of Australian waters.

A Decade in Portland and Five Years in Door County

In addition to these significant anniversaries, SailTime’s Portland base is celebrating 10 years of operation, and its Door County base is marking its 5th anniversary. These bases have quickly become integral parts of their local communities, providing access to sailing adventures and fostering a love for the water among their members.

A Word from Our CEO

Todd Hess, CEO of SailTime Group LLC, expressed excitement and pride in these milestones, stating, “Celebrating these anniversaries across our bases worldwide is a testament to the enduring appeal of sailing and the strength of the SailTime fractional boat club model. Each base has contributed to our mission of making sailing accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their prior boating experience. We are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together and look forward to many more years of sailing adventures.”

Looking Forward

As SailTime looks to the future, it remains committed to expanding its offerings and enhancing its services to provide even more exceptional sailing experiences. The company invites both seasoned sailors and newcomers to discover the joy of sailing through its innovative membership model, which makes getting out on the water easier and more affordable than ever.


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