SailTime Houston: A Family Affair with a Legacy of Sailing

At SailTime Houston, Evan and Amanda Macaluso, provide a warm welcome, fellowship, and accessibility to the boating world. Their approach? A blend of deep-rooted connections within the sailing community, cultivated over two decades, and a personal touch that makes every sailor feel at home.

Evan’s expansive knowledge of the local sailing waters and community members, enriched by his extensive sailing experience, his love of cruising and sail racing, and his passion for all things boating related, has been pivotal in creating an inviting culture at SailTime Houston. This culture is further nurtured by his wife, Amanda, who serves as the director of the sailing school and office secretary. Their collaborative efforts have made sailing not just a sport, but a shared passion that is approachable and affordable for everyone.

The family’s involvement extends beyond Evan and Amanda. Evan’s brother, Chris Macaluso, an 11-time National Champion in Victoria Class sailboats, brings his expertise and passion as one of the ASA Instructors and captains. Their daughter, Elisabeth Brown, and Evan’s parents, Tom and Lila Macaluso, along with Pat Macaluso, contribute to the base and school’s operations, sales, marketing, and community engagement, embodying a family deeply rooted in sailing.

What makes SailTime Houston unique?

“I think what makes us such a unique base is the richness of our member community. For me that’s something special that sets us apart,” says Amanda, whose sailing experience is a more recent endeavor. From sail racing, to weekend cruising, to programs designed specifically to get women out on the water, SailTime Houston is providing people of all levels of experience with access to new model, luxury yachts and the opportunity to take part in the boating lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of owning their own boat and without the responsibility for the upkeep and expenses.

Amanda and Evan love sharing their passion for boating and all that the Kemah area offers, with others. One of their major events is the Harvest Moon Regatta from Galveston to Corpus Christie offshore. The waters around Kemah are replete with opportunities for a day sail or a longer adventure, such as a weekend getaway to Galveston, combining the joys of sailing with cultural and culinary experiences in the Historic Strand district. “One of my favorite dates is sailing down to Galveston and staying overnight at Harbor House on the Historic Strand district,” explains Amanda. “It’s just a little magical vacation in a weekend all via the sailboat”.

Amanda’s personal journey from learning to sail, to leading a women’s team in a local race, epitomizes SailTime Houston’s dedication to empowering women. This initiative has sparked interest and commitment among women in the community to grow their sailing skills, celebrate  their achievements, and foster a supportive environment for female sailors. In a traditionally male dominated arena, SailTime Houston provides a unique opportunity for women sailors to be part of the summer Women’s Race series  and share the fun and excitement with other women who are as excited about it as they are.

St houston regatta

Bridging the Gap to Boat Ownership

Like other SailTime bases around the country, SailTime Houston has helped to revolutionize the path to boat ownership. A SailTime membership is at the core of the SailTime shared use boating model. Members enjoy time on the water alone or with others and experience the ease of scheduling that time at their convenience.

From Desiree and Matt Parrish, new members Fall 2023: “We’re absolutely loving our SailTime Houston membership! With our SailTime membership we’re able to enjoy sailing several times a month. I am a novice sailor, so the opportunity to log sailing hours and build my sailing resume is a true value. The SailTime staff, owners, and members offer a wealth of knowledge and support, and friendship to boot. We are excited to be part of our SailTime Houston community and would recommend membership to anyone who wants to test the waters or wants the benefit of sailing without the burden of owning.”

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For many, membership is also a path to ownership.

We were members first but always had our eye on owning our own boat,” commented Adrienne and Jon Maxey, owners of Vesper.

Evan and Amanda note that membership is an opportunity to build trust and understanding of the SailTime model through firsthand experience, and provides the confidence to become an owner. The model helps alleviate the common fears associated with boat ownership and provides a realistic and accessible approach to acquiring modern sailboats and fostering a smooth transition from membership to ownership.

Says Renato Varella, longtime member and owner of SV Carioca II and Max, the best sailing dog: “SailTime offers thrilling and unique experiences for sailing enthusiasts like myself. Through their business, I have the privilege of enjoying high-end, well-maintained sailboats without the hassles of ownership. This allows me to focus purely on the joy of sailing with family and friends. SailTime also provides access to a vibrant community of fellow sailors, enhancing the overall experience. Above all, Amanda and Evan Macaluso have a special way of making members feel like part of a family rather than just a club, which truly sets SailTime apart.”

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A Testament to Community and Passion

SailTime Houston, under the Macaluso family, stands as a testament to the power of community, passion, and the inclusive spirit of sailing. It’s a place where traditions are cherished, new sailors are nurtured, and the journey on the water brings people together, making every sailing adventure an unforgettable chapter in the larger story of SailTime Houston.

SailTime Houston is more than a business, a fun pastime, or a club; it is a family of sailors eager to share their love of the wind, water, and sailboats. Having tried other sailing organizations in the Kemah, Texas, area, I can say that no one else offers the same level of professionalism, knowledge, customer service, quantity and quality of sailboats, or friendship,” Jeremy Medlin, member, SailTime Houston.



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