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SailTime Launches Fractional Yacht Ownership Program, Sea Style Yacht Partners

SailTime Launches Fractional Yacht Ownership Program,

Sea Style Yacht Partners 

Innovative Ownership Program Offers New Option for Yacht Enthusiasts to Purchase a Share of a Yacht

SailTime announces the launch of Sea Style Yacht Partners, the first fractional yacht ownership program that offers multi-hull power and sailing yachts. The Annapolis, Maryland-based company is part of the Sea Style Acquisitions (SSA), a leader in fractional yachting for the past 20 years and is the innovator of well-known boat sharing programs such as SailTime, PowerTime and Embark Scheduling Software.

Seas Style Yacht Partners offers a sensible path to yacht ownership by offering their clients the option to buy a 25% or 50% share in a fully crewed yacht or a large luxury catamaran, focusing on the market between 60′ and 150′.

“We recognize many potential yacht buyers are seeking a higher level of service and a turnkey yachting experience from the moment of purchase to the time they are underway in the most desirable boating destinations,” says Mathias Chouraki, president of Sea Style Yacht Partners and veteran yacht broker and licensed commercial captain. “Our company is capitalizing on the clear trend of the past decade that shows exponential growth in luxury shared goods, from private aviation to extravagant villas and yachts.

How it works:

  • Owners Purchase a 25% or 50% share of a luxury yacht that is fully equipped and outfitted with top end amenities.
  • Sea Style Yacht Partners shares can be financed through an exclusive loan program that provides clients a simple cash investment.

Operational costs are shared by each client based on percentage of ownership. Sea Style manages the accounts for the vessel and provides the owners with an easy-to-read monthly expense statement.

Sea Style Yacht Partners handles all operations from crew management, insurance, and dockage to regular maintenance and repairs.

  • Depending on the level of ownership, owners are guaranteed a minimum of 7 to 14 weeks a year.
  • Owners plan their vacation well in advance or last-minute (48-hour notice) if no other owners are on board.
  • Sea Style Yachts may be in locations from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caribbean and East Coast USA (Florida, Hamptons, Rhode Island, etc…). Yacht relocations are planned before each season with the input of the owners.

“Yacht owners typically use their boats 5 to 8 weeks a year, and ownership in the Sea Style program allows owners the same level of usage while having their yacht fully managed so they can enjoy a luxury vacation while significantly reducing their cost of ownership,” adds Chouraki.

Sea Style Yacht Partners will exhibit at the Cannes Yachting Festival in France (Sept. 6-11), the Annapolis Boat Show (Oct. 6-9), the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (Oct. 26-30), and the Miami International Boat Show (Feb. 15-19, 2023). Visit the shows or visit the company online at


About Sea Style Yacht Partners: Sea Style Partners is an Annapolis, Maryland-based fractional yachting company. It’s part of the Sea Style Acquisitions a leader in fractional yachting for the past 20 years and has brought to market well-known brands such as SailTime, PowerTime, and Embark scheduling software. With more than 500 boats under management since its inception, the SSA group and its teams have unparalleled experience in yacht fractional management. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Sea Style Yacht Partners