Sailboats moving out of port with SailTime logos on sails

SailTime’s 10 Most Memorable Sailing Moments

SailTime member standing on the side of a sailboat in Greece

#1 The day that the SailTime idea was launched

It was 19 years ago that SailTime Founder George Bonelli came up with the idea of a fractional, sharing boating program while on a sailing trip in the Greek islands. Two months later SailTime was launched; with its first base location in Austin Texas. Since 2001, SailTime has been the place for friends and family to make the best moments in life on the water.

#2 Setting sail with a gennaker

The sun casts a warm halo around a gennaker in calm waters. Everyone loves a warm wonderful downwind run! SailTime Orange County offers instruction in how to rig, launch, and fly an asymmetrical spinnaker. Sailing home with the gennaker sail at its fullest – after a weekend at Santa Cruz Island will be forever etched in our memories.
Sun shining behind a gennaker sailboat with SailTime logo on sail
Dolphin jumping out of the water

#3 Making friends at sea

Sailing is a great way to hang out with friends — and make new ones. SailTime Channel Islands shared this picture of a friendly dolphin swimming alongside sailboats near Los Angeles. It is truly a thrill to see the dolphins that frequently make an appearance near sailboats along the California coast. Dolphins are curious creatures, and without the noise of an engine, they often jump and play in a sailboat’s path. Do you think that other boat is trying to catch up? It is always a race when there are two sailboats out on the water!

#4 Smiling with SailTime

It’s impossible not to smile when you’re sailing around New York City’s vast waterways… especially when the sun is shining bright! SailTime New York shared this picture of two happy sailors aboard their SailTime sailboat out for a fun after-work outing. Sailing near big cities is the ultimate way to get away from it all; yet still be right at home!!
Couple posing for a photo with NYC skyline in background
Family posing for a photo at the helm of a sailboat

#5 Sailing lifestyle

Steer your family in the right direction with hassle-free sailing! SailTime San Francisco Bay sees lots of smiling faces that love the thrill of sailing all over the San Francisco Bay area, and even under the Golden Gate Bridge! It is truly heartwarming to watch children take the helm and stand a bit taller as they learn to confidently handle their boat under sail.

#6 SailTime Flotilla

After a fantastic day of sailing from Jost Van Dyke to Norman Island, the SailTime Annapolis crew hosts a sunset happy hour with live music. Sailing in the British Virgin Islands is on every sailor’s must-do list. SailTime can get you there, with our Novice-to-Captain program letting you be the skipper while sailing in the best cruising area of the Caribbean.
Family relaxing on a sailboat
Sailboat enthusiast standing on the bow of a boat at sunset

#7 Sunset sail on the St Augustine Bay

Members at SailTime Northeast Florida enjoying their day on the water sailing aboard the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349. The scenery and sunsets over the historic St. Augustine Bayfront is by far the best when under sail. The winds always pick up every afternoon, so if you want to sail offshore or in the river, you are going to have a great day of sailing.

#8 Fun on a Beneteau at SailTime San Diego

Who can resist a ride on this sleek sailboat? Sailing on a Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 in San Diego Harbor is a beautiful way to get your friends together and see some beautiful sights. Sailors dream about setting their sails and turning off the engine, so they can glide through the water. There is no better feeling!
Closeup of the bow of a sailboat
Friends and family posing for a photo on a sailboat

#9 Party Time!

It’s always a party when you’re on the water! You don’t have to set sail on the open seas to enjoy your SailTime sailboat. Even when it’s docked, a sailboat is a great place to enjoy Friday Floating Happy Hour!

#10 Sail it like you own it!

On a sailboat, it’s hard to resist the pull of the steering wheel with the wind blowing through your hair! Who is steering here? More importantly, why isn’t the horizon exactly horizontal? Sailing is truly a wonderful adventure that perfectly combines a thrilling ride with the science behind harnessing the wind.

Join SailTime this summer and make some moments of your own.

Two SailTime members at the helm

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