San Diego Members Share Their Story

We recently received this note from long time members at our sailing base in San Diego we just had to share with you:

My family and I are proud participants in the SailTime fleet of fractional sailing in San Diego.  I wanted to share our story, because sailing has now become an integral part of our life and future.

Five years ago, on a trip to the Florida Keys, staying at an overpriced rental home, we went for a sunset sail.    Not only was our captain skilled, but shared his love of the sea.   I will always remember his comment about a bigger cruise boat that we were running parallel to:  “You know the main difference between our cruises?  Every one of those people wishes they were you right now.”


Upon our return from the Keys, I ran across a SailTime advertisement about fractional boating.  We went  to San Diego and took our ASA certification courses with Frank Dixon with West Coast Sailing.   I cannot stress the importance of including your family in the process of sailing.  Not only does it make it a true family experience, but you have a qualified crew that you can depend on when the weather turns and you get a bit more excitement than you were expecting!

After joining SailTime, we go out regularly to San Diego to sail, and now we charter bareboats all over the world, providing the best and most inexpensive vacations ever.


When my daughter graduates high school in three years, my family and I plan a year sailing and seeing the world before she begins college.  What better testimony can you give for the love of sailing!

Steve, Lonnie, and Jordan Williams

Albuquerque, NM

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