Sharing models enter partnerships, grow industry

In order to get new boaters involved in our industry, it seems that all we need to do is open the door and invite them in.

If that is the case, boat clubs and boat sharing are the surrounding gate that gets these potential consumers closer to the end goal of ownership.

That first experience, when boaters are “hooked” into the lifestyle, is the aim of everyone in the boating industry. After that, boating sells itself. Boat clubs and sharing models have the same aim but offer an entry point for those who do not have the means to afford a new boat immediately.

“It’s getting that first experience that I think is so critical for the industry that platforms like Boatbound help people do,” said Chris Oetting, director of business development at Boatbound.

Boat clubs and boat sharing models also help open the door to a younger audience. According to Boatsetter CEO Jaclyn Baumgarten, over 60 percent of its site visitors are under the age of 44. This is lower than the average age of boat buyers across all categories, according to data from Info-Link Technologies. (Further data on the average age of boat buyers can be found in the 2015 Market Data Book.)